Ohrid-spiritual and touristic center of Macedonia

Ohrid Is located in south-west part of the country. Situated on the border with
Albania , this city is a protected by UNESCO Heritage. Combination of
historic sites and new modern look. Ohrid architecture is one of the most
authentic in Macedonia. Many Macedonians refer to Ohrid as a Macedonian
Jerusalem. Reason why is label like that is because on the Ohrid territory exist
365 churches, some of them still active some of them just ruins left.
Ohrid is also one of the most visited city in Balkan area especially during the
summer season, from june to august. City rich history start from 4 th century BC
and peak was in the time of Tzar Samoil when the city was center and capital of
his empire.
Many things can be visited and see in Ohrid, city is rich with history and lot of
sights .Samoil fortress overlooking the old city of Ohrid and the lake is one of
the things I recommend for you to see. Is build in 8 century AD in the time
when Ohrid was capital of Samoil kingdom. In this period Ohrid was a center
of the Slavic litreature , birth place of one of the oldest University in Europe
and place where Cyrilic alphabet was born.
Under the Samoil fortress you can see one of the most beautiful church
Plaosnik and Sveti Sofia. St Sofia is a church that is used for cultural events in
the summer . Great acoustic led to this church to be host of some concerts. Near
by is amazing Jovan Kaneo church. Overlooking the lake this small church
have some of the most amazing scenery.
Walking through the old city can be very interesting most because of the unique
architecture. Center of the city is the place where you can enjoy in dining and parting in many clubs. Also here is the pedestrian street and trail around the lake. Trail is connecting center of the city with popular beaches. From the center also you can take a mini bus for less than euro and you can go to some of
the beaches outside of the city.On 20 km away from the center is pictures village Pestani , nice beach and
perfect for more calm vacation cause is lack of loud clubs there. Further down is underwater exhibition park near Ljubaniste where you can dive and see some underwater sculpture . On 25 km from the center is Saint Naum. One of the most beautiful churches in Europe, overlooking the lake offer amazing scenery
and breathtaking view. Saint Naum is in on the border with Albania.

Saint Naum was build in 905 in the time of the reign of Samoil. Monastery is
located alongside the lake, near by is one of the spring and above the monastery
there is a nice forest. Area where the monastery is located is one of the most
beautiful areas in Ohrid. Have lot of nature and animals especially on the small
islands near by the monastery. Also this is the place where River Drim getting
into the Ohrid Lake.
Monastery is rich with art and painted pictures. Slavs University was first of his
kind and during the first few years produce 3500 students who help to shape the
Slavic literature , culture and language .
Many hostel, hotels and guest houses can be found in Ohrid , price range from 70 euros. Location of the accommodation affect on the price. Center is the most expensive, old town especially and
beachfront. Settlement outside of the city offer much cheaper option so when
you decide where to stay you should think about what you want. If you have a
car you can stay outside the center , if you dont is ok to stay around the center.
For best view and if you can afford old city area is the best.
Ohrid is full with events during the summer and off the season is not that cover with events. Off season prices are double cheaper but during the season city is full with people. Most of the people speak some of the main foreign languages mainly English but also people speak German, French, Italian. Shops in the summer works all night long . Have on mind that during the summer in Ohrid and Macedonia there is a rule that you cant buy alcohol in a shop after 21;00. In winter is after 19;00. Most of the shops and restaurants accept Euros. One euro is 61 denars.

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