North Cyprus- Less know touristic destination

North Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean area. We all know about Cyprus island but not many of us know that this island is separate on two parts. South part is greek part of Cyprus and is more touristic. Many people goes there, on the other hand North Cyprus is turkish part and is less visited by tourist. Mainly Turkish citizens goes there ,but still this place is visited by more and more tourist lately.

Fly Pegasus is one of the companies mainly Turkish that flight for a really great price to North Cyprus.Few times before i have been to south Cyprus and wasnt know what to expect from the north. Everytime when i was asking for info i got same basic info for this place. Not so developed and with cheaper prices than other side of the island.

Booked my flight and went on this trip with no expectation and lot of desire for adventure .Two things are common with my area , super food and amazing friendly people. Northern Cyprus has been spared the worst effects of mass tourism and big beachside building. Now this quieter, Turkish slice of the island is finally coming into its own. One big plus is that Northern Cyprus is outside the eurozone (unlike the rest of the island) and the Turkish lira it uses offers much better value for the tourists.

When Alexander the Great was conquering the world 2,300 years ago, a ship with a crew of four sank just off Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish). Rediscovered in 1967, ship and contents were brought to the surface and are now Northern Cyprus’s star exhibit. The only preserved ship from Greece’s Classical Age, the 47ft hull is in the Shipwreck Museum in Kyrenia Castle – including the cargo of perfectly preserved almonds in 400 amphorae.

Lighter tourist development may have helped the endangered green and loggerhead turtles survive. There are still empty beaches where females labour ashore on summer nights to lay their eggs in the sand. In August and September a few lucky hatchlings make it back to the sea. Some 600 turtles laid eggs on Cypriot beaches in 2008, 110 on protected Alagadi, known as ‘Turtle Beach’, near Kyrenia. Scientists from Exeter University study the turtles here. Go to The Goat Shed study centre at Alagadi at nightfall and, if they have time, they will lead you to the beaches to observe this awesome natural event.

Northern Cyprus has some of the best Crusader castles in the Med. The higher, the better. St Hilarion Castle was taken by Richard the Lionheart on his way to the Third Crusade. Some say it is the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle, a jumble of defensive walls and towers. The steep climb to Buffavento Castle – up an adventurous, narrow road that ascends to 3,084ft – is worth it for the stupendous view.

Perhaps the finest of all (and not so steep a climb) is Kantara Castle, in the neck of that distinctive narrow finger of land, the Karpas peninsula.

 Wild spot: The north of Cyprus is so unspoilt, turtles still lay their eggs on remote beaches

Bellapais is the perfect short trip from Kyrenia, and not too far from the north’s other resorts. The village’s marvel is the 13th Century Bellapais Abbey, teetering above a sheer 100ft drop. You enter one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the region down a promenade of palms, through a fortified gateway. British author Lawrence Durrell lived in this pretty little village of narrow streets and good boutique hotels and restaurants. He renamed the tree on the main square ‘The Tree of Idleness’, settling his characters in its shade in his novel Bitter Lemons Of Cyprus. Today there are two candidates to be the official Idle Tree. So you have a choice of shades in which to laze.

The north is certainly the place for hiking. The Kyrenia mountain range practically touches the sea, making it, for me, difficult to resist. My quest for health and nature was aided by a new guide to the network of hiking trails which cross the range. They are marked by easy-to-follow green dots and are of varying difficulties. If you’re even more adventurous and fit, you can also try mountain biking and rock climbing. I just enjoyed the walk, the views, and the prospect of a large lunch to come.

No all inclusive resort and expensive hotels. North Cyprus offer great low budget hostels and hotels. Its way cheaper to stay there instead of very touristic south.

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