Nesvizh Castle the most wonderful castle in Belarus

Belarus in general is not so popular touristic destination. This country have many things to offer to the tourists ,one of them is the Nesvizh castle.Located in the central Belarus this little city is the home of one of the most wonderful castles in Europe. As a big fan of castles i was constantly search for new and not so popular castles around Europe. 

Nesvizh was one of them that i come across and decide to go there and visit.I decide to booked a ticket  and go Belarus.


How to get to Nesvizh Castle

There is several ways to reach this place. One is to fly to Minsk and from there to catch a bus to Nesvizh. 121 km long journey will cost you a peanuts.Nesvizh can be reach also from the neighbor countries Poland via Brest and Lithuania from Vilnus to Minsk and than Nesvizh.

I was flying to Minsk and from there i got a bus to the central station and from there to Nesvizh. Buses are three times a day and cost 6 $. Bit over 2 hours journey to the Nesvizh city. Once you are here you can reach the castle.

Nesvizh Castle, things to see

This amazing castle was build by the Radziwill family after they got the property in 1533. This family was one of the most influence in the region. Both lithuanian and polish nobles will part of this family.

From 1583 until 1939 the palace served as the residence for the powerful prince Radziwiłł family, and was the centre of Niasvizh ordination. Over 400 years of its history, the Palace had absorbed the attributes of different architectural styles. Here can be seen the Renaissance and Classicism, Baroque and Rococo, Art Nouveau and Neoclassicism.During the invasion of Poland castles was overtook by Red Army and chase the Radziwill family out.

nesvizh architecture

In the Sovet Union time this beautiful castle was used as a sanatorium. In 1994 was protect by UNESCO and start working as a museum. All the historical things were bring back to the castles and now for a small fee of 14 BYN for adult ( 5 euros) and 7 BYN for students and kids .Nesvizh is surrounded by some wonderful nature. Lovely ponds made by the river Usha. Complex is big and have several things to see. Best and most beautiful of them all is the Corpus Christi Church.

Corpus Christi is the first temple in Eastern Europe build in a baroque style.6 years from 1587-1593 was needed to build the church. In 1601 church was open for public.

nesvizh church

Nesvizh Town Hall is the oldest surviving town hall in Belarus. It was built in 1596, rebuilt in 1752. The building has survived several fires, the last one in 1836. It significantly changed the facade of the Town Hall for several decades. The original appearance the building acquired after finishing of the restoration in 2004. The monument inherent its own distinctive Baroque and Renaissance features.

Sluck Gate of the end of the XVI – the beginning of the XVII centuries. – The only remained gate in Belarus was the part of the system of the town’s fortifications. The name of the gate was due to the geographical focus to the east in the direction of Sluck. There is a Catholic chapel on the second floor of Sluck gate.

nesvizh castle

Complex of the former Benedictine monastery – the first female catholic monastery in Belarus. The building process of this monastery in an ensemble with St. Euphemia Church has been conducted from 1593 to 1596. Consecration of the temple held in 1578. Living and household buildings of the monastery preserved up to now.

Complex of the former Bernardine monastery has been built in 1598 with the St. Catherine church. The only one monastery housing preserved till our days.


Accommodation in Nesvizh

Nesvizh is a very small city around 15 000 people population . There is several guesthouses and hotel that you can stay. Prices goes from 20-50 euros for hotels, guesthouses are cheaper .