Nature living- Living in harmony with the nature

Eco tourism and  the nature living are more and more popular among travelers. What was a taboo for many people now becoming more interesting and available . Me personally is a big fan of spending a vacation , or just a day trip to the nature . Hiking , camping , volcano visiting all this is perfect vacation for me . Since a little kid my parents took me to the mountains near my city . Since than i start dreaming about having a natural eco – resort.

Nature living in eco sustainable houses become my obsession. I was making a researches and visiting many places. So i made clear why i want to go in the nature and spend some time there. Here is why i would do that:

5 Reason for Nature Living


Cost of living or if you travel cost of staying there are minimal. You don’t have to pay expensive hotels or to share room with milion people in hostels just to save money. Although the hostel prices in some countries are high.


You are able to function without much need of modern commodities. Its also good to see the what is the benefits of staying in the nature and connect with the nature.


Its great to be connected with the nature. Mood is way better and in my case when im connected with the nature . Its amazing to see beautiful landscape when you wake up in nature. That give to the eco tourism completely another dimension .

Me as a person that love to do and do yoga connection with nature is crucial. Making yoga and meditation after you wake up in the nature is fantastic and one of the reason why i love living in nature.

I know the comfort zone is great and all this luxury is perfect but think about new adventure , meeting new way of traveling. And if you have the right people next to you im sure you can truly enjoy in your vacation in the nature .

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