Munich – discover the beauty of Bavarian city

Munich…. What ever i said about this lovely city will be more or less known. City its self is so popular among the tourists that not many things left unknown.  But my idea is not to write about what you can see or not see there , idea is to present my vision and how i saw the city.

Munich is very well connected with all Europe by trains, buses, airplanes. There is a milion ways to get there. Me personally choose to fly with Wizz Air to Memmingen. Thats not that far from Munich, from this small airport i took a taxi and later a train to Munich.

When i got to the central station in Munich the beautiful architecture and welcome people was all around the place. I booked a hostel near Marienplatz the central square in Munich. From there you can walk too many popular city landmarks. There is plenty of free tours so you dont need to worry about payed tours.

Depend how much times you have to spend in Munich will dictate how much things you will see. I havent much time so i saw few things that i will write about it.


Free things to see or do in Munich

Olympian sounds

A trip out to the Olympiapark, site of the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, is always a lovely respite from the urban bustle, but especially so in the warmer months when you can time a spin around the grounds with a free concert. Throughout August, the Theatron Festival ( brings live bands to the amphitheatre next to the Olympic Lake, playing everything from hip hop to gospel, pop to punk. Better yet, bring a blanket and a beverage and join the throngs of locals to eavesdrop on the stars from atop the Olympiaberg. The 564m-high hill just happens to be within earshot of the roofless Olympic Stadium where the likes of Beyoncé, Linkin Park and Katy Perry have hit the stage. Hop off the U-bahn at Olympiazentrum.


A pilgrimage to Hofbräuhaus, the world’s most famous beer hall, is a must for every Munich visitor. Even if you don’t feel like downing giant mugs of amber liquid, no one is going to stop you from wandering beneath painted vaulted ceilings around the warren of halls, marvelling at the drunken shenanigans or clapping to the oompah bands. The huge, flag-festooned banquet hall upstairs is where the National Socialist Party held its first large gathering on 24 February 1920. Alas, the free historical exhibit in the gallery above the stage does not address this milestone event.

Englischer Garten

Sure, most parks are free, but then few are like Munich’s Englischer Garten (English Garden), which is bigger than London’s Hyde Park and New York’s Central Park. Find your way to the little lake to take a boat for a spin or stake out some turf on the manicured lawns for sunbathing (au naturel, if you dare). Other enchanting escapes from the city hubbub are the Japanese teahouse, a Greek-style temple with grand views and, well yes, several beer gardens. The most famous – and one of Munich’s oldest – sprawls around the exotic Chinesischer Turm (Chinese Tower), a five-tiered wooden pagoda. Giselastrasse is a handy U-Bahn stop.

munich square

Non Free things to see or do in Munich

Museum Sundays

Ok, it’s not completely free, but for cash-strapped culture lovers, the long-standing ‘one euro Sunday’ admission policy at about a dozen of Munich’s finest museums is a gift. Among your options are: admiring Rembrandt, Monet and Warhol at the prestigious Pinakothek art galleries (Alte Pinakothek, Neue Pinakothek and Pinakothek der Moderne); studying finely chiselled Greek marble statues at the Glyptothek; or feasting your eyes on Renaissance sculpture at the Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. Most institutions also grant free entry to anyone under 18 at any time.

Bike Tours 

Discover Munich’s many pleasures on an entertaining 3-hour bike tour with a clued-up local guide. Expect sprawling parks, elegant plazas, meandering riverbanks, beer gardens and winding medieval alleyways, all conveniently connected by cycle paths.

For those who have a bit more time can do a day trip to Salzburg or for those who love to wonder around the city can visit plenty of museums and art galleries.

munich skyline

Accommodation in Munich

As a popular destination Munich offer all kind of accommodation for all kind of budgets. City has lot of low budget hostels where you can stay for a great price. But also if you enjoy in luxury there is many of those too.

Munich is a city that is active 24 hours, there is always some activity that you can do. Its fantastic place and you must visit once in a while.

munich park