Moszna Castle- Poland most beautiful Castle

I love castles , they have some special beauty in it. Every where i go i visit some castles. During my trip to Poland i decide to visit one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, Moszna. It’s called Moszna Castle and with its famous 99 towers (!!!) it’s absolutely beautiful!

Moszna Castle is placed in Opole voivodeship in the Western Part of Upper Silesia, approximately 120km away from Wroclaw. This picturesque castle is one of Upper Silesia’s main monuments which you can see in Opole region’s TV spot. It’s located in a small village called Moszna and its history reaches back to the 17th century though at the beginning of the 20th century,  a group of investigators claimed upon their findings that the castle has cellars that might be remnants of a Templar castle. Unfortunately, this theory hasn’t been proved since and remains a supposition but certainly does add a pinch of mysteriousness to this place.

Moszna castle

You can easily get lost inside – the­re­’s 365 rooms and 99 lit­tle to­wers he­re and the to­tal flo­or spa­ce is 7 000 sqm. The pa­la­ce is open to si­ght­se­eing; art exhi­bi­tions ta­ke pla­ce he­re along with cham­ber mu­sic con­certs. It’s sur­ro­un­ded by a be­au­ti­ful 200 ha park which is a part of a land­sca­pe park.

Further on, the park passes into an avenue of lime trees with symmetrical canals running along both sides of the path, lined with a few varieties of rhododendrons. The axis of the park is ended in the base of a former monument of Hubert von Tiele Winckler. On the eastern side of the lime avenue there is a pond with an islet referred to by the owners as the Easter Island. The islet is planted with needle-leaved shrubs and can be reached through a Chinese-styled bridge. The garden, being a part of the whole park complex, was restored slightly earlier than the castle itself.

Moszna castle is fascinate not just because of the way how is build , its fascinate for the size and the whole structure.

moszna poland

On the premises of the residence, you can have a little picnic of your own or visit the restaurant inside the castle. The food is.. OK (: But because it’s just ok it’s also not expensive so pretty much anyone can afford some lunch in the lovely interiors of the castle. ( The restaurant does have baby seats).  Oh, and if you do get inside the restaurant – look up! The ceilings are something definitely worth hanging an eye on.

Moszna castle inside

If you visit Moszna Castle during summer season, there’s also plenty of stalls outside the castle – with ice-cream, food, sweets, snacks and some souvenirs. They’re all placed along the road and path leading straight to the castle.

When we went to Moszna Castle, we spent the day outside, on the grass, watching the beautiful view of the architectural masterpiece. We had some food in the restaurant and even though there’s no mother and baby room in the castle ( I guess Franz Hubert must have forgotten…) and you have to carry your stroller down the stairs leading to the restaurant we felt it was a nice place to go to with a baby anyway, especially if you don’t mind changing a nappy on a blanky the bonus of which is plenty of fresh air and a 5* view .


We left the Moszna castle with lot of great memories and promisses that we will come back some day again.