Mongolia-nomadic culture and vast wild nature

Mongolia is a country located between Russia and China.Former super power and mighty empire led by Ginngis Khaan now is just a poor country with distinguish nomadic culture. Famous for horse riding and for their fearless spirit Mongolians are proud nation. This vast territory is cover with desert and harsh mountains. This rough terrain made them so strong i believe.

My idea to go there was in my head for a long time. Finally i have a chance to go. Prepare my self took what i need and left to Ulaanbaatar the capital city of Mongolia. I was traveling with a train to there from Moscow. Was fun many people i meet and really enjoy in the landscape on this super long journey.At the end we arrive there . I come out from the train station an i was let say… shocked 🙂

First was not expecting Cyrillic letters around ( im Macedonian so for me its strange) The architecture of the city is old communistic style . Huge gray buildings, not much life around. I got to the hotel and was nice for  change 🙂 Although i didn’t pay much but for what i get i think was fair price.


Decide to stay for a day or two , relax a bit go out to see how it is. If you expecting wild night life that is not happening but people are friendly and drinks are cheap. After that next day was a time for the next step…. Gobi desert and staying with the nomads in their tent. Good think was that i get there around spring ( March -April). But still was ready for very harsh environment and temperatures. I went to north of the country on the border with Russia.There i decide to stay in a tent with a family . They cook traditional dishes and i have a chance to go with mans on hunting.

Despite cold weather out inside was warm and nice. This people learn how to survive. I learn from them how to appreciate the basic little things.

Another thing to do in Mongolia is birdwatching, Mongolia is home to 429 recorded bird species. With a strong pair of binoculars twitchers can spot falcons, eagles, vultures, swans, cranes and more. The best places to look are around the lakes in western Mongolia, such as Uvs Nuur or Khar Us Nuur.

Mongolia is a country where you can enjoy in fishing on many lakes. Lakes Khovsgol known as the ‘pearl of Mongolia’, this lake is ideal for fishing, camping, horse riding and hiking. The gateway to the area is the village of Khatgal, where lodge accommodation is available. In winter tour companies offer skating and dog sledding trips over the frozen lake.

Naadams sports extravaganza features horse racing, wrestling and archery. It’s a great time to see Mongolians decked out in their festive gear and taking part in traditional sporting events.The National Museum in Ulaanbaatar shows off Mongolia’s most prized archaeological finds and historical treasures. Ulaanbaatar has a number of other excellent museums, including the Zanabazar Museum of Buddhist Art and the Natural History Museum. All the regional capitals have their own modest museums.
Tavan Bogd National Park best places in Mongolia for back country walking, this park is a high alpine zone with numerous lakes, forests and glaciated peaks. There are no set trails so a good map and a GPS or compass are essential. Khoton Lake is one of the best places for trekking within the park and in summer Kazakh families pasture their sheep on the shores of the lake. Other suggested hiking areas include Bogd Khan Uul and Otgontenger Uul.
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