Trip to Mdina- Former capital of Malta

When someone mention Mdina first thing that comes to your mind is Game of Thrones. This fortification city in Malta looks like the time stop there , no wonder that Game of Thrones decide to film there.

The fortifications of Mdina are a series of defensive walls which surround the former capital city of Mdina, Malta. The city was founded as Maleth by the Phoenicians in around the 8th century BC, and it later became part of the Roman Empire under the name Melite. The ancient city was surrounded by walls, but very few remains of these have survived.

The city walls were rebuilt a number of times, including by the Byzantine Empire in around the 8th century AD, the Arabs in around the 11th century, and the Kingdom of Sicily in the medieval period until the 15th century. Most of the extant fortifications were built by the Order of Saint John between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The city has withstood a number of sieges, and it was defeated twice – first by the Aghlabids in 870 and then by Maltese rebels in 1798. Today, the city walls are still intact except for some outworks, and they are among the best preserved fortifications in Malta. Mdina has been on Malta’s tentative list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1998.

mdina cathedral

How to get to Mdina

Mdina is located in the center of the Malta island. Its a little city with 300 people population that live there. In 2017 i was living in Malta , went there in June 2017 and first thing i done was organizing the trip to Mdina. As a history lover and Game of Thrones fan Mdina was MUST visit place. If you going from Valleta to Mdina than you can take bus number 52 in direction to Dingli. This bus is going from terminal c2 from Valleta. You get off in Telgha and from there you can walk to the Fort.

Another option is to take the bus 45 to Buggiba take off in Wied and there catch a 181 to Telgha. If you travel from where i live in Sliema than you catch 15 to Valleta , get the bus to Rabat there and of course get off in Telgha. If you go from the Luqa airport to Mdina than take X2 toward San Gilijan  and get off in Valleta and from Valleta 53 to Rabat .Malta is a small island so you can rent a car and get anywhere you want in no time.Cars can be rent on the airport or in the cities.

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Magic of Mdina Fortification

Once you get there the view it self will make you scream WOW…Its litteraly like time stop centuries ago. Mdina fortification still look the same like from the ancient time.

Mdina is very small , you could walk from one end to the other in five minutes.You enter the city through the main gate and over a bridge . Just inside you will pass the natural history museum and the Mdina dungeons .You then have to turn either left or right.Turn left and follow the street until you come to the cathederal square with it`s lovely co – cathederal — well worth a visit.

Carrying on down the street you will come to the walls of the city. A viewing place with great views over a large part of the island.Keep walking with the wall to youer left you will find Fontanella tea rooms —- fabulous chocolate cake and coffee.A must try ! going on will bring you round the narrow streets and eventually back to the gate.

mdina walls

On the way round you may be given brochures for various media shows about the city.When you leave the city turn right through the gardens and you will see the bus stops on the same side of the street.

Parking of cars in Mdina is prohibited. Only residents are allowed to park inside this medieval walled city. However there is ample parking available outside Mdina, either directly below its fortified walls or in any one of the car parks located in Rabat which is  adjacent to Mdina. Just outside the main entrance there are the horse drawn carriages which you can hire to take you around the streets of Mdina. This is an unforgettable experience which takes you back in time  to how people used to travel.

St. Paul Cathedral also known as the Mdina Cathedral, located at the main central square, is a Roman Catholic Cathedral built in the 11th century and dedicated to St Paul. It was rebuilt in Baroque style in 1693 after suffering damage by an earthquake. It is said that this was built on the site where Publius the Roman governor met St. Paul during the time that he was shipwrecked in Malta.

fort mdina

Mdina Impressions

The city is small and you will explore everything in one day. But because there is so many interesting things to see time flies and before you realize day will be gone.Every stone in this place have story it self , every little street remind you on a glory history.This place was full with amazing energy and sacred for the Maltese and of course for the whole world.

mdina street
Road Alley Malta Mdina