May Vacation-Best hidden beaches in Europe

May is if you ask me is the best month for traveling. Weather is fantastic in most of the world and you can travel off season. Temperature raise in May and still prices are not like in high season.  Made a List of best 5 hidden beaches in Europe that will welcome you with all their beauty .

1. May vacation- Cala de Boquer, Majorca

The trip to Cala Bóquer is simple, convenient and easy. As we walk through the valley towards the cove we can visit an old lime kiln, the Font Sementer and the talayotic village; enjoy watching the impressive Serra del Cavall Bernat (with l’ull de bou) and the Serra d’Albercutx. And once in the cove recreated with a magnificent panoramic view.

Cala Bóquer is a virgin creek of boulders and gravels, formed by a wild inlet of the sea that is introduced about 300 meters inland. From the beach we can see in the distance the island of Colomer and behind Pal Formentor. On the left side of the cove there is an “escar”, a construction on the seashore that serve to keep the boats and fishing implements used by fishermen.

may vacation-spain

2.May vacation- Petani Beach, Kefalonia

This Ionian island has two superstar beaches, Myrtos and Antisamos. However, it has a relative secret in Petani, a gorgeous patch of white sand and pebbles on the less-visited Paliki peninsula (on the west coast). A steep hairpin road to the beach’s edge makes it accessible to wary drivers, but not to developers.

Petani is a magnificent beach located in a distance of 20 km west of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, in the beautiful peninsula of Paliki. It consists of blue crystal waters and a stunning landscape of huge verdant cliffs that reach the blue sea. The water deepens right away and there are usually big waves in Petani. The beach is covered mostly with sand and some pebbles scattered along the shore. Close to the beach are a couple of taverns that will draw your attention. The beach is partly organized with umbrellas and sundecks. There is also a shower and toilet facilities some steps from the beach. There is parking space for a few cars only. In close distance are some beautiful villages and monasteries worth visiting.

may - kefalonia

3.May vacation- Posto Vecchio beach, Puglia

Here the sand is fine like gold powder and lapped by a crystal clear and transparent water, in front of several beaches, which alternate with public ones.

Water is not deep at the beginning, but the it suddenly becomes deeper, while in some parts of the foreshore appear rocks.

The beach stretches for six kilometres between Posto Vecchio and Torre Pali and is characherised by a long series of dunes, on which during summer, bloom white wild lilies and ferns. Behind it, instead, there is the red-sand beach, through which runs the Fani canal.

When wind blows from the north, the sea is calm and invites you to swim, amid crystal clear reflections.

posto may

 4.May vacation – Calanque d’en Vau, near Cassis

Despite its rugged appearance, this area, called the Massif des Calanques, is surprisingly easy to get to. The most easterly of the inlets, Port-Miou, is barely a 20-minute walk from Cassis’s promenade, and even walking to the little pirate bay at Port Pin and back will take you no more than half a day. As long as you don’t get too distracted by the views that present themselves at every corner, you can hardly get lost: we met plenty of families on our hike, though we did wonder if the couple trying to push a buggy up the jagged rock face were a little overconfident.

The cliffs get much higher at Calanque d’En-vau, where we suddenly found ourselves staring down a breathtaking drop, with climbers dotting the cliffs like flies on a hotel wall. If you are planning to go further, you are looking at a day’s hike: at Devenson the path rises to 300m above the sea, and by the time you get to Morgiou, a good 20 miles from Cassis, you’ll be safer to carry on to Marseille than to try to return to Cassis.

Camping is prohibited all over the Calanques and there are no facilities, so it’s vital to pack plenty of water and a picnic: we found the Caspar David Friedrich-esque vista above Calanque d’En-vau the perfect spot for our baguette and saucisson.

may france

5.May vacation-Playa de Dunas, Ferrel

Squirrelled in the oceanfront town of Ferrel, 60 miles north of Lisbon in the Oeste region, Playa de Dunas is also a magnet for surfers due to the shape of the land – which presents three different angled faces to the sea, making for waves galore.

Like most Portuguese beaches not on Faro’s doorstep, it is not on speed-dial for British tourists, but it has a splendid hotel in Surfers. With temperature around 20C Ferrel is ideal place for early vacation. Is not much visit during the may so you can also enjoy in this fantastic place without too much crowd