Maribor seen from my angle, trip to Slovenian pearl

Maribor is a city located north on the border with Austria. Is famous for the winter ski races and fantastic landscape around the city. I have just pass by few years ago but i never had a chance to stay longer. Earlier this year i saw my favorite football club Liverpool draw to travel to Maribor on game from the UEFA Champion Leaguedate was17october  Maribor Pohorje

I start preparing my self to go there, few day before the game i got a chance to found a ride from Belgrade to Maribor. Decide to contact the guy and book  train to Belgrade fro my city Veles. Well that train ride was epic 🙂 I spend 12 hours driving in , Was 10 pm when i start from Veles and arrive next day at 10 am. The heating was so ON that was 30 c inside the train. I try to sleep with bit open windows. Was good a bit enough to rest a bit. This ride cost me 22 euros round trip.

From Belgrade  we travel with car to Maribor. The driver was part of bla bla car share site so he pick up some other people on the way to Maribor.

Others left us in Zagreb and we continue to our final destination. In less than hour we were in Maribor, most of the time we lost on the border check where was a long cue of car waiting to pass.When we arrive in Maribor as already 17:00. I went to the train station to ask for train to Koper. Was no train that day, went to bus station and also was no bus. I thought i get stuck in Maribor and than my friend arrange e a ride to Koper via slovenian car share site called

For 10 euros i was in Koper ( 225 km further) and later that night just relax at my friends place. Went to sleep early because i was so tired from the road. Spend some few days in Koper and bit Ljubljana so i went back to Maribor again.I booked a room in Monaco room hostel. Hostel was located near Telekom Slovenia building on 1,2 km from the train and bus station. Easy to reach and very clean place. I pay 20 euro a day. Spend two days there in dorm bed room where i was the only one to stay.

maribor old

First day i was wondering around the old town of Maribor. Lovely narrow streets with small coffee shops. I sit in one place where was some jazz music not so loud and they serve great tea. Im bad with names so i didn’t write down the name of the place cause think ill remember to put into this article… and i forget the name 🙂

Come back to the hostel around 11 pm check some things on internet and went to sleep. I want to have a rest before i go to Pohorje next day. Wake up early next day around 7 am, buy some food have a breakfast and went down to pay for the room for the second day. Owners was there and he was so happy to see someone from Veles. He said i supposed to go to th army there in Ex Yugoslavia time.Ill ask him to road to Pohorje and he kindly print me a map… I was ready to GO..

Start walking from the hostel to the bottom of the mountain. Not more than hour walk with the map help i was able to find it easy.5km i already pass and that was a warming up for the big hike. Decide to go through the forest and after i was wondering around for maybe 2,5 hour i found the main road to the top.Wasnt rush to get upthere that was the reason why i took the longer route not the short one or to pay a cable car that cost 6 euro. 00


On my way i was enjoying in the view and drinking a great water from the ponds. There was plenty of it, on every 1 km i would say. 23km long road i was walking for 5 hours. Taking a break and enjoying the view on my way. When i arrive on the top i was so happy to be there.. truly award of the day effort. Grab some tea and icecream from the shop sit and enjoy a bit.

maribor hike

After i recharge my power and made several pictures i decide to go downhill 3 km to get to the bottom. 45 min and i ws down , keep walking back to the hostel. I got there right after the sunset … my day finish with outstanding sunset and 32 km walking all day long. But i was more than happy to do that… got some dark beer for the end of the day and went to  sleep

Perfect way to finish your day …Next morning wake up walk a bit to the train station made ome aamzing sunrise picture and catch my train to Vienna… say goodbye to Maribor but promise that ill be back….very soon.

me in maribor forest walk in maribor maribor pohorje forest maribor