Malbork Castle- One of the biggest castle in the World

Malbork Castle is one of the biggest and mot beautiful castles in Europe and maybe in the world. As a huge fan of castles i have been to many of them . Malbork fascinate me with its beauty, i was so in love in this place since the first time i visit that i come back again to explore parts that i haven’t see the first time.

Malbork Castle History

Malbork was build originally in Prussia by the Teutonic Order and was build in typical medieval fortress style.

The Order of the Teutonic Knights of St. Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem, commonly known as the Teutonic Order, was established during the Third Crusade to the Holy Land in 1190. At first, it operated as a brotherhood as hospitallers in Acre, then, after receiving its rule in 1198, the brotherhood transformed in a knightly order.Knightly orders participating in the Crusades were gatherings composed of monk-knights. The Teutonic Order was one of three such gatherings, with the Templars and the Order of St. John being the other two.

Grand Master moved here from Venice. A particularly fine example of a medieval brick castle, it later fell into decay, but was meticulously restored in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of the conservation techniques now accepted as standard were evolved here. Following severe damage in the Second World War it was once again restored, using the detailed documentation prepared by earlier conservators.

How to get to Malbork

If you’re looking up how to visit Malbork Castle, you’re most likely already in Gdansk, Poland. We spent about a week in Gdansk and found that it was a great base to explore the Tricity and surroundings. Despite the 60km distance, Malbork is very easy to get to from here and there’s no need to spend extra money on an organized tour when you can save your pretty pennies and plan the day yourself.

malbork castle malborkThere are various trains operating this route (some are intercity and some are local trains) so your travel time and ticket price will vary accordingly. We bought our train tickets at Gdansk Glowny station. At the time, there was a really long line up at the ticket booths so we tried our luck at the iCCC ticket office in the left corner of the train station and there was no line  We paid about 12 PLN each (roughly $4 CAD) for a one-way ticket on a local train and the ride took somewhere between 45-55 minutes.

Once your train starts arriving to Malbork, you actually get to see such a great view of the castle. The castle looked so close that I got a little too excited and convinced Wes to get off one stop too soon. My bad! But the mistake was worthwhile and I would actually recommend it. The stop before Malbork’s main train station is called Malbork Kałdowo. I’d suggest getting off here if you’re on a local train (express trains won’t stop here) so that you can appreciate a really great view of the castle from the other side of the Nogat River. It’s about a 15 minute walk to the castle from Malbork Kałdowo and about the same distance from the main train station to the castle.


Many hostels and hotels you can find in this city. Hotels mainly goes from 26 euro to 68 euros.Hostels are cheaper so you can use them as well. Airbnb is also an option that you can use it.