Longest Hikes in the world-Dream hikes list

Around the globe there is so many long trails.  Some of them longer than 1000km . Idea for making this article for longest trails comes from the last information that i read somewhere about North America trail connecting USA and Canada. Few months ago i also write about several trails in Europe and Asia. Me my self is a huge fan of hiking and trekking so with lot of attention and effort i found longest  that every person would like to do it.

Grand Italian Trail (Italy) – 3,700 miles (5,954 km)

The original idea for this trail originated in 1983 within a group of ambitious hikers. With the help of the Italian Alpine Club, the trail became a reality in 1995 in the first ever CamminaItalia (“Walk Italy“), an event in which a group of trekkers departed from a Sardinian coastal village and covered the entire trail in eight months. The accomplishment was repeated in 1999; this time with the collaboration of the Italian National Alpine Association.

Since this time, the evolution of this project has slowed. While the trail blaze was chosen for the trail – a marking of red-white-red with “SI” written underneath in black – many legs of the trail remain un-marked and are only a part of the GIT on the map.

The path, which is divided into 368 legs, begins in Trieste and then crosses the entire Alpine Arc, the entire Apennine mountain chain, Sicily and Sardinia before ending at Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia. The trail uses long sections of pre-existing trails including the Grand Alpine Trail

longest trail- italy

The Via Dinarica, Western Balkans longest trail

The Dinaric Alps of South-Eastern Europe are among the least-explored mountain ranges in Europe, and this almost 2000-kilometer route connects countries and communities along the Dinaric Alps and Sharr Mountain Range.

The main artery of the Via Dinarica is called the ‘White Trail’, and traverses Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia. The trails string together ex-Yugoslavian trekking paths with former military tracks, ancient trading routes, and shepherds’ paths.

The highlights of this trek are the landscape of the two mountain ranges, incorporating dramatic limestone karst fields, high mountains, steep valleys, dense beech forest, shimmering lakes, and Europe’s deepest canyon, the Tara River Canyon. The culture of the region is also fascinating, combining Orthodox Christian, Muslim, and Catholic communities, and reflecting a long history of Illyrian, Roman, Slav, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Serb habitation.

Countries included: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, and Macedonia.

longest trail- dinarica

3,000 km Te Araroa Trail – New Zealand

Te Araroa is the ultimate 5-month New Zealand experience, but also offers section tramps lasting anything from a few days to a week or more, and many attractive day or overnight walks. It is a different kind of trail from the traditional back-country tramping tracks. Te Araroa connects settlements, townships and cities. It’s a corridor that encourages social and economic transactions en route – for marae stays and other cultural experiences, also food and accommodation. The track corridor showcases a wide variety of New Zealand experiences – natural, cultural, and historic.

Te Araroa’s boundaries are the natural boundaries of New Zealand itself. It starts and is brought to a natural halt against the sea. En route it explores New Zealand’s tombolos, its volcanoes, its range and mountain uplift, its rivers, lakes and valleys. Successful long trails overseas generally have a geographic and geological unity. Te Araroa’s variety is underpinned by the mightiest geology of all – tectonic plate subduction. When walking New Zealand, you are walking also the Pacific Plate boundary or – at least sometimes – along the Rim of Fire.

The long trail concept in New Zealand has a venerable history. In 1975 just such a “scenic trail” based on the Pennine Way, was the founding idea of the NZ Walkways Commission, which carried the long-trail torch briefly, but found it too difficult. The Department of Conservation (DOC) put the same goal into its Walkways Policy of 1995. As part of that policy, DOC also proposed giving high priority to countryside tracks traversing private land. DOC did not have the budgets, or the co-operation of Regional Authorities (RAs) or Territorial Local Authorities (TLAs) to achieve either goal.

Te Araroa Trust (TAT) and its eight regional trusts have achieved what the official bodies could not. RAs and TLAs the length of New Zealand are engaged with Te Araroa, and TAT is now a leading influence in their local and regional walking and cycling strategies. The New Zealand public is also a trail partner. For years our organisation has had a hard battle for funds, and our survival, and lately our flourishing, is due to the many volunteers who have kept the dream alive, and advancing.

longest trail

The Great Trail- Longest trail in North America

Snagging the title of the longest hiking trail in the world, The Great Trail begins in St.John, Newfoundland, snakes through 13 provinces and territories (a total of 14,864 miles), loops through the Northwest Territories and Yukon to the Arctic Ocean, and ends in Victoria, British Columbia. It’s a network of 400 individual paths — all maintained by the small communities it passes through — and is available to hikers, snowmobilers, bikers, horseback riders, and even cross-country skiers.

The scenery, as you can imagine, is stunning. Showcasing the very best of Canadian landscapes, explorers can traverse through mountains, plains, frozen tundra, coastal islands, urban areas, and even lakes (Great Lakes included).

longest trails north america