Life of the traveler- inside the digital nomad routine

Life of the traveler sound great for those who not travel a lot. Life of the traveler for the traveler it self is not always great. There is a lovely things that you can experience but also has a problem that life on the road can bring it. Me personally have travel in last 9 years of course with some breaks.

Been to 24 countries and live in two ( South Africa and Israel) rest are places where i spend from a day to few months. Last destination is Malta. The other day talking with blogger from Australia that i met in Malta about why we travel. Why we decide to be a digital nomads.

He set some goal list of places that he want to see, and he goes from one place to another . I met also spanish girl doing really good on Instagram making over 20 k followers. In this article i will focus on reasons why i choose the nomad life.

life nomad
Tel Aviv at night


Since the little age i love to travel around, to explore and met new cultures. After the breakout of Yugoslavia my country Macedonia become a independent. As a new country whole world was asking for visas so traveling till 2009 was difficult for me.  But after 2009 i intense my trips. Before that i was traveling round the balkan area.

On th beginning all my trips were connect with my dj gigs. 2015 i start my blog and traveling and writing stories are now all connect with that. Before my blog to start paying off as a nomad i was face with situation were i need to work everything in order to support my travels. From cleaning bars to dishwashing and super market jobs. All this was work by me to support my travels.

At this moment i am in Malta , writing my stories visiting places and meeting people . Im here for months already and my plan is to stay bit more. Its not bad for digital nomads here , internet connection is good and plenty of places  to write for.

life nomad greece

Now what is crucial for me to choose the location- Cost of living there . Life of a nomad can be difficult if is expensive to live. So i look for cheaper places.Places where life as a nomad will pay off.

Another thing important for me is to have a good weather. Dont like cold weather but still if there is a good opportunity for good stories nomad should accept that and go. Constant new environment is also part of the life of a nomad. Maybe is really nice to change places but sometime is not fun, you get used on some place and than you need to move on.

Enough for bad ones … Freedom of movement that life of the nomad have is one of the best thing that person can experience. Benefit to wake up under the stars and watch the sunrise or sunset is amazing and worth all te efforts.

Becoming a digital nomad is great but have one thing on your mind, you need some money to support your way of life as a digital nomad.

life nomad
Valleta Malta

My advice for all of you that think about starting to travel and work. First get some funds thats will support you on the road if not work anything you can in the place where you are traveling.Second create a loyal fan base that will follow you and increase constantly . Third choose wisely a location where to go. Check how much living there will cost you and stay min 3 months in one place . Plan good your trip between the locations.

At the very end i would wish you a wonderful traveling and maybe we will meet somewhere on this planet…