Lesotho- High altitude kingdom in heart of South Africa

2010 i went to South Africa and slowly get used on the new country and new way of living. As a hiking person and person that love mountains i was planing to visit small kingdom Lesotho since the first day that i arrive in Africa. Lesotho is a small kingdom located in the heart of South Africa and rich with mountains and rivers. Home of some of the highest peaks in Africa , Lesotho offer some amazing experience for hikers like me.

In that time i was living in Durban and hiking in area not far from the city. Ziplining in Drakensberg and hiking in Durban area. One weekend i decide to drive to Lesotho. I want to hike on some of the highest peaks there.

Getting to Lesotho

Driving from Durban via Pietermaritzburg  on R617 is shortest way to get there. Around 9 hour driving through Kwazulu Natal state. We took the Sani Pass and right before the border there was a border control and after we pass the border we have a lounge Sani on the border. Righ after the border is  Sani Tops Backpackers camping site where we camp and stay over night.

lesotho stone plateau

Hiking day in Lesotho

On our way to the Thabana Ntlenyana which is the highest peak in Lesotho we cross over Sani river. Lovely nature and total wildness around. All you can see is endless mountain peaks view and nice rivers. Basotho people were those who were wondering around this lovely area in the past .  We start off just below 3000m and end up at 3482m. Therefore expect some great views over the mountain kingdom of Lesotho. The first day of hiking is about 5 hours to where we camp below Thabana Ntlenyana. On day 3 which is the last day we wake up early to summit the pretty little mountain. Then it is another 4 hours back to Sani top for lunch.

From there we went to Thaba Bosiu plateau near to the capital city Maseru. Plateau is located on 24 km east from Maseru. Its stone hilltop on 1804 m above sea level where you can enjoy in lovely view on area around. Located between Orange river and Caledon Thaba is not just a hiking place its also a cultural place where you can see some traditions in the Cultural Village.

lesotho cultural village

We continue on our 5th day to Maseru, capital city. Lesotho capital is the bigest in the country and is place where you can enjoy in some nice restaurants , few bars walk around to see some museums and also to hike in the area.We stay there for 2 days , have a lunch in No. 7 hotel restaurant. Cool cozy place where we try some nice traditional food like mealie pap corn based dish plus some chicken.

On one day we decide to go to one of the biggest waterfall in Lesotho. Maletsunyane Falls is a 192-metre-high waterfall in the  Lesotho. It is located near the town of Semonkong, which also is named after the falls The area is magical and great for hiking and camping. One thing that we found a bit tricky was not so good marking of the whole track to the waterfalls. But if you asking few people around you will not missed . Once you there you will definitely enjoy in the lovely view.

lesotho camping tent

The Sehlabathebe National Park was the last place to visit on our way out of Lesotho. The Sehlabathebe National Park is part of the Drakensberg world heritage site. Located in the southeastern corner of the small mountainous country of Lesotho, the park’s average elevation is 2400 m above sea level. Spectacular rock formations, rock pools and waterfalls are some of the park’s highlights. In addition to the mountains, several different types of grassland can be encountered in the national park.

With our 4×4 vehicle we use the road to Drakensburg from there. Driving through the mountains was great experience. After 7 days of real adventure we were back to Indian Ocean cost and lovely climate . Good change for the cold adventure in the beautiful mountains in Lesotho that we had.

lesotho waterfall