Latvia- Wonderful small place at the Baltic Sea

Traveling to Latvia is more and more popular among the tourist. This Baltic State is very popular lately among the tourists from around the globe. Travelling to Riga the capital of Latvia has been never easier than now, with all this low budget flights.Latvian people are super friendly , always ready to share some of their history and culture with you.

Riga Latvia


First thing first , in order to visit this lovely country you need to get there first. Most of the tourists travel to Riga International Airport. Many low budget companies like RyanAir, easyJet, Wizz Air , Norwegian Air and other flight from Riga or to Riga. Second option to get to Latvia is via bus or train. Many Europeans cities are connect with Riga and Latvia. From Sweden to Latvia you also have some ferries.


Things to Do in Latvia

Basilica of Aglona

A place of pilgrimage for Catholics from all over Latvia, this immense white cathedral near Daugavpils with its twin spires is worth visiting even if you are not religious pers take part in a torch lit procession.

Latvia Aglona

Birdwatching in Pape

Latvia’s coast, wetlands and traditionally cultivated farmland attract significant populations of interesting and uncommon birds. Pape, near Liepāja along the Kurzeme coast, is on the migration route for seabirds, wildfowl and other species. It is also a haven for songbirds and raptors. Cape Kolka is another good spot for birdwatching. Local operators can arrange birdwatching trips. For more information, contact the Latvian Ornithological Society

Latvia nature

Things to See

Cape Kolka

The windswept beach at Cape Kolka, part of the Slītere National Park, is a breathtaking spot where the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga crash together. It’s also a good place for a bracing walk and a great spot for birdwatching.

beach Latvia


Old wooden buildings, cobbled streets, attractive churches and impressive castles transport you back through layers of history in Cesis. One of Latvia’s oldest towns, it was first inhabited in the 13th century. Cēsu, one of Latvia’s best-known beers, has been brewed here since the 16th century.

Cesis Latvia

Daugavpils Mark Rothko Centre
A multi-functional contemporary art and culture center located in the Arsenal building of the Daugavpils Fortress where history goes hand in hand with contemporary art, creating a unique and inspiring place for creative expression and experience.The art center displays exhibitions of Latvian and foreign artists in diverse media – painting, graphics, textile, ceramics, photography – as well as cultural and historical expositions.

This is the only place in Eastern Europe where you can view the original works of Mark Rothko, world-known as the founder of abstract expressionism.

Jūrmala resort city

Jūrmala’s ice blue Baltic waters are some of the most beautiful you will ever see
The resort town is made up of a series of beaches stretched along a peninsula. The town offers thermal waters, pine forests, white quartz sand beaches and a quaint little village.

Sigulda castle

Sigulda castle is located in city of Sigulda 53 km from Riga. This little Latvian city offer huge history from Latvia past and wonderful nature around.

Less than an hour’s drive from Riga, Sigulda is the perfect antidote to big city bustle. Stunning scenery, ancient castles and incredible adventures await you in this natural wonderland.

For centuries, painters, poets and lovers have found inspiration amidst the lovely landscapes of Sigulda, and visitors continue to embrace this exceptionally beautiful part of Latvia today.

latvia  castle

Accommodation in Latvia

Plenty hotels and hostels in Riga and other cities in Latvia. They range from low budget to luxury travel accommodation. Latvia offer accommodation for every budget.

This Baltic state is very peaceful clean and wonderful. Half of the country is untouched nature resorts. Cities offer great time spend in the clubs, fantastic restaurants and cultural events.

Best time to visit this Baltic state  if you ask me is late Spring ( April, May) and Summer. Winter is cold and snowing so if you like this type of weather than visit Latvia during the winter is also fantastic.