Kyrgyzstan- Central Asian country rich with culture and beauty

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country located in central asia. Once part of the USSR and since 90`s independent and country that progress really good on every field. My decision to travel to this little country was made years ago when i was traveling to Asia. Made a research around the Internet and i really liked. I was waiting a bit till turkish low cost company FlyPegasus start to fly to capital Bishkek from Skopje.

Equip with lot of enthusiasm and expectation i board on the plane and went on my journey. After some break in Istanbul i finally arrive in Bishkek.

Getting around Kyrgyzstan

Once we arrive in Bishkek airport and pass the regular procedure that wasnt so bad and was fast we get out to search for transport to the city. If you dont rent a car than only other option is taxi and thats cost 500-700 SOM (6,5-9 euros) . Also very popular in Kyrgyzstan are shuttle buses that will cost you 1-1,5 euros and you can go anywhere in the city.

Bishkek also have a trolley and state bus network but they are slower than private ones.

Accommodation in Kyrgyzstan

Soon as we get to the hotel i was really surprise with the level of quality for the price we pay. Private room in 3 star hotel was 15 euro and room was nice and clean . It was in the center of the city near to the main square. If you want a dormitory accommodation you can get it for 2 euro per day even. For those who enjoy in luxury 60-80 euros can do the job 🙂

Things to do in Kyrgyzstan

First of all Kyrgyzstan is an ancient place with culture and tradition going back thousands of years. Once was on the Silk Road route that was passing through the mountains.


Bishkek is a pleasant city to wander with numerous leafy parks, tall trees, peppered by Soviet era statues and monuments. However there isn’t a great deal to see beyond this, and the city can comfortably be ‘done’ in a day (or two if visiting the suburban markets). Most museums are closed on Mondays.

Ala-too- square  is  main square in the city. Not much things you can see there only vast space, filled with old soviet monuments and place where regular guard is changing . Beside the square some museums can be see but as i said have on mind that they dont work in mondays.


If you love to go around bazaars, Osh bazaar is place for you. We went there and we found plenty of things for super cheap prices. Can be a great source of supply if you want to stay longer for cheaper in the city.


Bishkek offer many outdoor activities in the parks and of course if you love to go out Bishkek can be a great choice. Beer in a bar cost 0.9 euro domestic and 1,1 imported . Meal in a mid range restoraunt can cost you around 3 euros.

After we spend 3 days wondering around the city where as i said not many things to see we move to the mountains for hiking and camping .


We started out from Karakol, taking a marshrutka up to the entrance to Ala-kul nature reserve. We paid our entrance fee and started the gradual hike along the Karakol river. The first 4 hours of the hike were relatively easy. We meandered our way through the valley, passing by small villages and yurts along the way.

After 4 hours we reached a bridge that led to the east side of the river. From here, the real hike began. It was a solid 2 hour pull, straight up, to reach a small wooded cabin nestled in the high alpine forest at about 3000 meters. Here is where we would set up camp for the night.


We truly enjoy in the beauty and of course magnificent scenery we have around. We move up slowly and after few hours of hiking suddenly front of us some beauty was reveal… The Lake .

Crystal water and fantastic peaceful location gives you a such a pleasure that can not be described by words.


This lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. Is not so easy to get there but of course is outstanding to camp and spend some time there. Lake is wonderful and scenery around the lake are breathtaking. This was mine best time in Kyrgyzstan , i realize why we exist and to appreciate nature and small things



Ancient tradition and fantastic experience this is how i will describe this 3 days of adventure. Riding horses in vast space just take me back thousands years when nomads from the local tribes was doing that in search for food water and anything they need.

Final days

Last two days we were back to Bishkek after we travel for a day to Osh where is the highest peak but we didnt went on the expedition that was going up to the peak.

What can i say at the end for this lovely country… For nature lovers like my self Kyrgyzstan is amazing, nature is all around , move a bit outside of the cities and you will come across a nature. Mountains and hills , lakes and wonderful rivers. We met many people that were cycling or riding their bikes through this amazing country.

And food… no comment…. go there and taste and enjoy … That what i would say 🙂