Kotor- Magnificent bay , fantastic scenery and amazing history

Kotor is one of the oldest cities in Montenegro located in the Kotor bay on the Adriatic sea coast somewhere between Herceg Novi and Budva. Is a fortified city rich with history . Kotor is also known for the breathtaking scenery and fantastic view on the bay from the Lovcen mountain. It was one of my best trips and i always coming back to this magical place.

How to Get in Kotor

One of the option is of course by land. Kotor is connect very well with rest of the Balkan Area have regular buses from other cities like Belgrade, Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Skopje, Sarajevo. Also is well connected by boats and ferries from Italy and Croatia. Many tourists use nearby airports to flight in Tivat, Podgorica, Dubrovnik. Than they rent a car and drive around.  Its very convenient and of course not so expensive.

Things to do in Kotor

As i said before Kotor is a historical city and surrunded by mountains so you can enjoy in history walk around , see some ancient ruins and also hike on Lovcen. Swimming and enjoying in the sun is something that is mandatory.  But first thing first let me guide through the city, ill show you Kotor from my own angle.


First i went to the Romanesque cathedral built in 1116 and is one of just two Roman churches in Montenegro. Located in the old town this amazing building looks so fascinating and dominate with the area. Next what we want after the cathedral tour was visiting a few more churches in the area like Saint Luke church and we head to the monumental Kotor Fortress that overseeing the city and offer some amazing view on the bay.

After we watch the sunset from the fortress we finish our first day with sitting in a nice restaurants and tasting a great seafood in one of the restaurants in the old city.

kotor view

Second day start with visit of Lovcen and Mausoleum . Hiking to the Mausoleum and around Lovcen is great. Monument is dedicated to Negos one of the Montenegros hero . Have a amazing view from up there and of course is a challenge to walk up there through all that stairs.

Things to See in Kotor

Just across the city there is two tiny islands. You can get there by boat and on one of them there is a church. When i saw that reminds me on Bled in Slovenia. One of the island is called Ladys Rocks , the other one is called Saint George .

kotor lovcen

On the other side of this islets is ancient city Perasts. Looking like a chunk of Venice that has floated down the Adriatic and anchored itself onto the bay, Perast (Пераст) hums with melancholy memories of the days when it was rich and powerful. Despite having only one main street, this tiny town boasts 16 churches and 17 formerly grand palazzos. While some are just enigmatic ruins sprouting bougainvillea and wild fig.

Kampana Tower is one of the cities most iconic things. I love the view from the tower  on the amazing bay and Adriatic sea.

kotor tower

Many museums in the city of Kotor many galleries and many events during the season . One of my favorite museum was Cat museum .

Accommodation in Kotor

Many hotels and hostel many of them located in the old town and because of the size of the city even if you are away from the center you can still reach easy. Airbnb is other option to get place to stay in Kotor and not spend much.  Around the city you have very nice place for camping and with fantastic view on the city and bay.

kotor lady