Kosovo- small country in the heart of the Balkan

Kosovo is one of the youngest country in the world. Because of that is attracting lot of people to come and explore this place. Me as Macedonian who live near Kosovo was always strange why people want to go there. I was thinking like not much to see there why should i go. After conversation with a friend from Israel we decide to go there and see what this small country can offer.


There is a train going from Skopje to Pristina the capital city of Kosovo. Its a afternoon train leaving Skopje in 4-20 pm and arriving in the evening in Pristina. We have book a place via AirBnb there and after we leave our stuffs we decide to go around the city to explore. Our host take us to several clubs and bars to be honest with you i don’t remember the names 🙂 So i saw that people are friendly with foreigners even when i told them that im coming from near by country Macedonia they were nice to me.

Clubbing scene is good there. Lot of clubs trendy music, many people going out. During the day you can also see many trendy bars where people drink coffee, trendy shops on the main street. People speak English especially the young ones. Old ones don’t speak English . But if you need any assistance they will try to help you and guide you.

After 2 days in Pristina we head to Peja in north of the country . We visit some of the monasteries there. From there we went to Prizren. Old town and fortress of Prizren is only interesting thing to see there. Definitely best thing to see in Kosovo is Mirusha waterfalls. Located in central Kosovo this amazing national park is full with beauty and untouched nature.After that we come back to Prishtina.

After 4 days spend there only good thing that i would recommend is nice nature around the mountains, Mirusha is definitely must see thing. If you want to have party all night long with cheap drinks and clubs that almost never close than stay in Prishtina.




Mirusha waterfalls



Pristina- the capital city of Kosovo