Katskhi Pillar Georgia- Miraculous structure on the top of the cliff

When i saw picture from Katskhi Pillar cliff monastery in Georgia i was fascinate with the structure. Been to similar structure in Meteora Greece i knew that this is an extraordinary experience. Made a small research around Internet and i was even more fascinate from these place.

Pack my stuffs and head to Georgia to visit this amazing place. Katskhi Pillar is located western Georgian region of Imereti, near the town of Chiatura. This place is on 3 hour driving from the capital city of Tbilisi. Also can be access from Batumi if you arrive in Georgia through the sea and get to this port.

Katskhi column

When i get there i was even more amaze. Wondering how and who build it. Its so difficult to reach the place so i truly wonder how they construct. Two byzantine church are on the top of this dramatic cliff. More amazing information caught me off guard – Monk lives there all the time and is the only one who live in Katskhi Pillar.

So many legends swirling around it that it’s hard to tell which ones are fact, and which are (admittedly very appealing) fictions. In this case, however, the truth of the matter reads a lot like fiction: a survey of the cliff a few years back revealed a pair of monasteries dating from the sixth to ninth centuries, where members of an ascetic religious order called the Stylites lived until around 1400. In the ruins of the churches, researchers found three hermit cells, a crypt, and a wine cellar. To this day, the locals of the village of Katskhi venerate the rock formation as the “Pillar of Life,” a symbol of the cross where Jesus was crucified, and some believe the monastery on the surface was once connected by a long iron chain to the dome of another nearby church.

Katskhi pillar

Maxime Qavtaradze is literally close to the heavens. The 59-year-old monk lives atop a stone pillar in Georgia, scaling a 131-foot ladder in order to leave and enter his lofty home. Though isolated, he is not a total hermit, coming down once or twice a week to counsel the troubled young men who come to the monastery at the bottom for his help. After all, he was once one of them. Though he now lives at the top of the world, Qavtaradze found his vocation when he was the lowest he’s ever been, doing prison time after he “drank, sold drugs, everything” as a young man.

When he wants to leave Katskhi Pillar, he spends 20 minutes getting down a 131ft ladder.Supplies are winched up to him by his followers and he only comes down twice a week to pray with his followers.

Maxime is an amazing person , very deep very thoughtful and amazing person to give you  proper input into the history of this place. He live and keep the Katskhi Pillar. I must say that i was really feeling some fantastic energy out there. View is outstanding and you  feel like  you are close to the gods.


This made to think is it possible gods to help building this place ? Did human made this or had some help from extraterrestrial force…. Perhaps we will never known ….

Leaving  Katskhi Pillar was hard, i want to stay longer there but i promise mu self ill be back there and that i will show this amazing structure to all the world.

monk katskhi