Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Europe and has an amazing location and history . Located on the shore of Bosphor this magical city is connection between Europe and Asia. Mix of cultures and nations make this place cosmopolitan.Istanbul is mix between modern, old , oriental and western. is a transportation hub connecting Europe and rest of the World. All this make it Istanbul to be one of the most visited places in the world. But its not just this reason why people come over and over to this city, Rich history can be seen all around the city. Old turkish amams and ultra modern spas are there for you. Marvelous structures like Aja Sofia  gave you another dimension of this old city. Bridge over the Bosphor look amazing all day long especially during the night.Night life is full with different type of events, turkish food and kitchen are one of the most delicious in the world so going out in the restaurants can be true enjoyment. Walking around the old bazaar is an unique experience bringing more oriental taste to your visit. You can find there plenty of things and you can enjoy negotiating about the price with local people who really enjoy talk with strangers although not much of them speak English.People are super friendly and warm. Weather is typical Mediterranean climate. Not so cold winter and warm summers. Istanbul is good for visiting all year long but is the best in Spring. So next time when you decide to take a short break visit this amazing city and enjoy in the diversity of styles and cultures. Enjoy in the warm people ready to help with what ever you need. Istanbul is a city to enjoy with all your sense all year long.

Have fun traveling around Istanbul.