ISG Airport Hotel – Sabiha Airport Istanbul

I have been to many places and all kind of Hotels. Some of them were 3 star, some of them 4, some even 5 star. But definitely one of the best place i have been in was ISG Airport Hotel near Sabiha Gokcen airport in Istanbul. This article is my review of the 3 days ( weekend) that i spend there back in 2016.

ISG Airport Hotel location

The hotel is located in the Sabina Gokcen area. Not far from the terminal building and airport it self. First of all i would like to explain a bit about the airport Sabiha Gokcen. Second largest in Istanbul located in the Asian side of the city Sabiha Gokcen is mainly for low cost flights. I was flying from Skopje to Tel Aviv via Istanbul. Company was Fly Pegasus. It was a February when i was coming back from Tel Aviv. The weather was not so good so they delay the flight and Fly Pegasus organize a accommodation for me and others in ISG Airport Hotel. 

ISG AIrport hotel outside Shuttle buses comes to take me from the Airport and drop me front of the ISG Airport Hotel. Ride was short maybe 5-6 min so i guess distance is not more than 2km. When i enter in the lobby i was fascinated by the luxurious look of the hotel. Receptionist were polite and kind .Gave me the key that was one of those electronic keys as a card. Hotel have several floors . I was located on th 3rd floor. Get there with the elevator and through floor lobby i got into the hallway that took me to the room.

View is amazing on the surrounding. Room was nice and shiny. I have 2 beds inside , big bathroom and TV with mini bar. Mini bar was lock but if you pay some amount of money was possible to get the key and use the drinks. Color of the room were nice and big windows made it very bright. Smart flat TV have cable TV on, although all are on Turkish but still you can enjoy in the TV if you really like.

Meals,Drinks, Gym in ISG Airport Hotel

As a guest you have a right on 3 meals, breakfast is from 8 am  and is self service . All kind of food is set on the big table so guests go there put what ever they want to eat and take a sit on the tables. For the lunch you have in the hotel restaurant. They have a menu from what you choose what to eat. Lunch was around 1-30 pm till 2-30 pm . Dinner is at 7 pm. All available food is great. Turkish cuisine is fantastic so you will have some really nice meals.

hotel ISG

Drinks you can order in the coffee lobby. For those who want to stay fit during their travel can use the gym. Located in the lower floors gym is equipped with latest devices. I can say that i truly enjoy in my practice there. If you look for massage there is also a place for this in the hotel.

Prices and people that work in ISG Airport Hotel

Rooms range from 60 euros to almost 100 euros a night. I was in the 60 euro private double room . Personal that work there was very friendly and helpful. They can assist with anything you need. From flight info to wake up calls and touristic information’s. They will explain you which bus goes to center of Istanbul or where to buy a things you need and so on.

In general i was very happy to be there. I strongly recommend if you travel to Istanbul via Sabiha Gokcen airport.

lobby ISG Airport hotel

room ISG Airport Hotel