Inside Walk About Love – hiking National Trail of Israel

As a hiking fan and person that love to hike i was very eager to try Israel National Hiking Trail. On this trail there is one event occurring every year – Walk About Love. First time when i hear about this in 2009 when i was in Israel.  Some of my friends told me about this event after i mention that i would really love to walk on long path trail in Israel.

I`ve done my research and found out when where and how much will cost to do that. Few years after i apply and done Walk About Love hike.

When you can do Walk About Love

One option is to go in March-May period, but mainly is September to December. Almost every year Walk About Love is changing the dates so best thing is if you check their official website WALK ABOUT LOVE     and see exactly when this hike will start and end. This year was from 9 September and finish 18 November.

Purpose of Walk About Love

Walk about Love is an event that promote love , peace and understanding between people. Its a festival of hike, cultural exchange, music, love and everything that this bring with it.

Walk About Love is an annual walking festival in Israel where locals and tourists from around the world join together in an incredibly special and unique trek across the land of Israel.  The route follows the Israel National Trail which traverses the entire breadth of the land from the country’s southern point at the Gulf of Aqaba in Eilat to Mount Hermon near the Lebanese border in the north.  The trail is 1,000km and takes approximately 80 days to complete.  Israel’s diverse terrain means that each day brings with it new and exciting spectacular scenery.  Beginning with the breathtaking red rock mountains and vast sandy desert over time the landscape transforms into clear blue seas and lush green forests.

Walk About Love is suitable for all ages and for all people willing to have some wonderful adventure and meet lot of like minded people from around the globe.

How looks like to be part of Walk About Love

From my point of view this hike is amazing because give you an inside what you can do and give you a time and space to reconnect with inner-self. First thing first , visiting their website to apply. You MUST booked in advance cause there is a limited spaces for people.

On Walk About Love site i found contact info from Rea one of the girls that organize this event. She was quite polite and helpful to give me many information about the event. For those who prefer phones there is also a phone where you can contact them.

walk about love

After you buy your ticket ( bit over 800 euros for whole journey,there is daily passes as well) you get info when the hike start and from where. Trail is bit over 1 000km long so will take you 70-75 days to complete it.

We gather in Eilat from where we start . We took small backpacks with us and big ones plus the equipment was take by the trucks. Organizer offer transport from point A to B . When we arrive into the camps equipment is usually here. This is included into the ticket. In Walk About Love camps there is music by local musicians and of course lot of food, hanging around bonfire and true enjoyment. On the camps there is also a showers and all things that you need to function.

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The Israel National Trail (INT) crosses historic places, archaeological sites and unique landscapes while it zigzags its way from the northern border with Lebanon to the Red Sea through the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Haifa, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and the Negev (the Israeli desert.)

Consisting of 1200 kilometers of marked trail, the trail is a diverse path ranging from rivers in the north to the dryness and emptiness of the Negev in the south, to modern and busy Tel Aviv, to the ancient and holy city of Jerusalem.

Swimming in the negev and the Jordan River and visiting the Basilica of the Annunciation will take you to the places where Christianity was born. Walking in the land where the Bible stories unfold and seeing the evidence and the archeological sites of many familiar tales from childhood make the trail a holy and spiritual experience for every human being. Crossing many villages and towns, the INT is full of choices and possibilities.

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Tel Aviv

One can sleep near civilization or be one with the wilderness. One can choose to carry two days. It is up to each individual to decide what kind of INT experience is right for him/her.

The INT gives one the chance to experience superb desert scenery in a relatively accessible way. When hiking the Israel intercontinental trail, one is never more than a one day’s hike from a road or two days to a reliable water source. Magnificent desert colors, animals and flowers are some of the many wonderful highlights.

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Walk About Love was a fascinating experience for me , lot of great things i saw, lot of lovely people i meet. All this people stay my friends till today. 2 years pass since than and i truly want to do it again ( 2018 i guess) . For me Walk About Love was great to see can i manage and on my great pleasure it was even better than what i was expecting. Organization was great , landscape where we pass was outstanding and these 74 days were best days that i have in Israel.

Walk About Love help me a lot in building my self as a person and of course help me to see Israel as is. It is so fantastic that i would recommend to all of you hiking lovers and those travelers that seek for adventure and for those who enjoy in nature.

For those who care about safety of the hike should not worry cause is very well organize from the huge team of people who care about all belongings and personal safety of the people that are on Walk About Love.

See you next year on Walk About Love 🙂

walk about love dead sea
Dead sea