Ideas to start sustainable online business-guide for Digital Nomads

Personal introduction

More and more people want to quit there job and start their dream life, traveling and work from some exotic location.Ideas are all around us, we need just to decide what we can do and execute the plan. In my personal case i quit 15 years ago from working in hostels and hotels to be a article writer freelancer.

I was writing reviews for a DVD Online store first , back in 2002 i saw this ads on forum and decide to try. Using my experience with movies ( i love watching movie) i was good in reviewing them. One year after in 2003 i decide to learn the basic of social media marketing, using Hi5 social network and myspace i start promoting musical cd`s.

As a dj and party organizer i have inside knowledge about the industry. Till 2006 i already have several ideas that were working fine. I was writing on message boards,promoting cd`s, writing reviews for DVD online store.All this ideas were bringing to me amount of 300-400$ per month which was enough to live good in my home country Macedonia.

2010 i decide to leave my city and Macedonia and went to work and live in South Africa. Ideas behind this was to sale tickets online for the world cup in football 2010. Meeting with a fellow dj bring few more ideas on the table. One of this ideas was e-waste recycling.

Fixing computers and sales of repaired computers was the other job that i was doing there. By than i was making around 1k$ a month from freelancing and of course from e-waste job.

Personal problems bring me back to Macedonia , didn’t stay long before i decide to use WOOFING to move to Switzerland. I was using the hotel volunteering job to get more contacts , learn more and earn bit extra.

With all this ideas and jobs i was working on i got to the point that i was progressively moving up. I have the freedom to travel and work. Combining online and offline work.

By 2013 i was already doing quite well. 2014 i start doing computer jobs , translating and freelancing ( article writing, SEO, Adwords) and working on my own blogs.

2017 is almost done , at this moment after 15 years of working for my own i have 5 websites, several FB pages, doing social media marketing jobs, renting a places on and… I proof my self that i can travel and work, proof that i can have a sustainable business and freedom , no boss, no specific working hours.

Summary of all Ideas

Online Ideas

1.Article Writer

2.Graphic Design

3.Social Media Marketing



Offline IdeasĀ 

1.Hotel or Hostel jobs

2.E-waste recycling

3.Computer repairs

4.Sales of a products

5.Cooking jobs

Before you choose any of this ideas make a research , whatever you think you can work just apply online or go to the place directly. For digital nomad best are online ideas but if its needed offline jobs can be taken as well.

At the end for those who want to know how much money you need to start, in my personal experience i would say 1500$ and traveling and working first at your country or in cheap low economy countries where you can fit in with this budget.

I start with 200$ in Macedonia and haven’t start traveling and work before i hit 1k$

Be determent to success and you will… Good Luck !

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