How to Travel around Europe with Limited Budget

Its a ultimate dream for many people to travel a lot. Everyday we read about people reaching 50 or 100 or some even 200 countries.But to travel around with the limited budget is not so easy. Some people decide to hitchhiking around Europe , other use train, some use cheap flights to move around. I will put my experience into this article and also some of the close friends experience and explain why certain way is good for us to travel around without much money.

Hitchhiking around Europe- limited budget travel

Me personally never done much hitchhiking but some good friends of mine done it and i can share their story here and project the image of how is to travel like that. 2016 at my place arrive a Polish couch surfer Kamil who use this way of traveling all the time, He had travel around pretty much of Europe. He was traveling with a partner a female from Ukraine. This is one group of people that use to hike in groups or pair. Same year i have an Argentinian guy at my place Martin. He travel alone and all the time hitchhiking. Last in this group was Alexander a Russian guy traveling like that around Europe and using always help from the good people that will help him with food and place to stay.

This way is good because you spend less money than any other way of traveling. But what i think is not good is you depend a lot of other people ( to drive you from A to B) and you must be super flexible with your travel dates.Also i must admit is way of traveling that cost you less, give you a great adventure and of course make you stronger i would say.

Euroraill pass– travel with Train or Bus

Back in 2008 i was traveling limited budget  with a friend around Europe with train. We pay 450 euro for 7 days of traveling in 30 days. This pass cover 28 European countries . We were taking night trains and sleep in the train and walking around and exploring during the night. Buying food into the supermarkets gave us a chance to eat good without much money spend on food. We start from Portugal and end up in Poland. This way of traveling is good if you want to save on accommodation . Because you sleep in a train you dont need a hostel or some other accommodation. For showers we use to do or in public if a beach is in the city or in indoor pools where we pay and entrance and relax a bit from the trip.

FlixBus is also an option that allow you to pass vast distance for really cheap. Than you can use couchsurfing, warmshower or similar sites to sleep somewhere. I`ve done that in 2012 traveling to Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia , Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria. I was staying on couchsurfing and traveling with FlixBus. Didnt spend much and i travel for 3 months.

Cheap Flights- Low fare airlines

With airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, WizzAir and so on we can travel with limited budget from one place to another for 9 euros or even 5 euros. If you travel light and want to safe on time and pass more places than this way is for you. If you make a plan and bookings on time and in advance i am sure you can travel around Europe for less than 1000 euro . My suggestion is that you can booked a flight from your place to the cheapest city. From there choose where is the cheapest to fly and so on.. 32 European countries can be pass for same price as euroraill pass ( around 400 euro) because in every country there is some low budget flights to some of the other Europe countries.

Also countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt are connect with cheap flights with many European countries.

Summary of limited budget Travel

For low budget travel you need to plan in advance. Thats the way to narrow the chances of unnecessary costs. In that case you will have a control on the situation and of course keep the adventure on.

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