Hostel94 experience in Malta

This is the story about my experience in Hostel94 and fantastic relationship with the owners

When i got the idea to go Malta first thing i was planing to do is to find a good place to stay. Malta was interesting place to me , never been and was some cheap flights to there so decision to go was easy and fast .Took some time to made a list of good hostels that i would like to stay. On my surprise in the middle of June when the season start is so hard to find a place to stay on Malta in Sliema , St Julian or Valleta area.

Hostel94 was the best option and first that i contact . I suggest to volunteer in exchange for staying free in the hostel. Right after the first e-mail , Steve the owner answer positive and we agree that i will arrive 12 june and start my part of work- Reception.

I booked my flight from Sofia to Malta was 24 euro a way so i was ready to go. I took a taxi to Sofia cause i missed my bus from Skopje to Sofia. Ride was 4  hours and was very pleasant . Was in the morning so less traffic and was faster getting to the airport.

Flight was on time and after 2 hours flight we arrive at the airport in Luqa. Hostel94 and Sliema was 6-7 km away from the airport and was easy to reach with public transport and of course by taxi.

I got a shuttle bus to take me to the Hostel94 in Sliema.  Bus left me front of the door. I havent key code from the door so i was knocking on the front door and some of the stuffs open.


First thing i notice was the clean  hall where reception is. In the hostel was no classical reception but there is sofa and TV where we stay and receive the guests. Rooms are well organize and clean. They all have bathroom inside  which are quite big and comfort.

On every floor there is 2 rooms with bunk beds and 1 private room. Third floor is for the private apartment and the rooftop.

Every morning breakfast is in 8:00 till 11:30  and small kitchen is equip with stow so if you want guests to cook can do that . Fridge are also there so you can store your food.

The hostel also have a elevator so moving around for those who are restricted in their movement is easy . Rooftop have a wonderful view on the sea.

Check out is always in 11. But if you need to wait for your flight than you can left your stuffs and maybe walk around till times come.

hostel94 beach view

in a season cost 25 euros, of season can be 16 euros and place is so popular that Hostel94 is full booked from May to October. Private rooms in season cost 64 euros, appartmant 85 euros … of season is 45 with 65 euros.

Owners are so good and helpful. What ever you need you can ask and people there would help you .

Hostel94 is on 100 m from the sea and many restaurants on the main street. Closest big supermarket is also on less than 500m from the hostel. Near the Hostel94 you have many ATMs closest one is on 30 m.

Location of the Hostel94 is great, bus stop is on 20-30 m from the hostel, from there you can travel to Valleta or other place where ever you want.

I spend 2 months there and i can only highly recommend this hostel for all of you who travel to Malta.

hostel94 rooftop view