Holiday in June-Best places to go in June

June is usually the month when the season slowly start and people goes on their holidays. We made a list of best places to go in June. Check them out and decide what will be the best places for you to go on vacation this year.

1.Tokyo holiday destination

Average temperature in June: 26°C ask a Japanese person what’s good in Japan in June and you will most likely hear the word “_ajisai_” or hydrangeas. The _ajisai_ festivals are on all over Tokyo in the middle of June. One of the best ones, the starts in early June and runs until the middle of the month at Hakusan Shrine, a beautifully serene slice of Shinto bliss amidst the hustle and bustle of New Edo. There are 10,000 plants on show and entrance is free. June is also known for summer rains and is the perfect time to see a beautiful natural phenomenon – fireflies. Tokyo has some charming firefly events, like the display in the famed gardens of Hotel Chinzanso

holiday japan

2. Turkey’s Turquiose Coast holiday destination

Sunshine-soaked and with a glittering blue seaboard, Turkey’s glorious “turquoise” coast wouldn’t normally rank as a newly rising star. The 300-mile loop of coastline that unfurls like an iridescent ribbon between Marmaris and Antalya has long been a favourite for holiday-makers, with UK visitors in particular flocking to its picture-perfect fishing villages and chic little bougainvillea-laden resorts. But over the last couple of years, following a wave of terror attacks and political unrest, things have taken a well-documented nosedive. Between 2014 and 2016 Turkey’s visitor numbers slumped from 42 million to 25 million. And now? Maybe we’ve all simply had to accept that no country is guaranteed terror-proof. Maybe people have realized that the Syrian border is hundreds of miles from Turkey’s main tourist areas. Whatever the reason, tourism is back on the up, with the first half of 2017 showing a 28 per cent rise compared to the doldrums of 2016.

antalya holiday

3.Krakow Poland holiday destination

It’s hard to emphasize enough what a bargain Krakow is compared to most of the rest of Europe. June has very nice weather, though you’ll still need a jacket for the evenings. The draw here is the lovely town center with its historic cathedrals and castles, plus a huge array of hostels and budget hotels that make shopping around very easy. This is the new hot destination for British stag and hen parties, and one look at the beer prices makes it easy to see why.

krakow holiday

4.Stockholm, Sweden

After joining two separate free walking tours in Stockholm and staying in artsy Story Hotel’s single twin room, it was clear this stylish Swedish city has a gift for attracting single travelers — especially women. The cobblestoned streets of Old Town, or Gamla Stan, with coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and even a castle, provided hours of endless adventures, while the modern areas surrounding it are easy to navigate through its string of metro stations, which double as art exhibits. And the hospitality caters toward solo females, as I was doted on by the waitstaff at the Riche restaurant while I indulged in—what else? —Swedish meatballs.

stockholm holiday

5.ANDAMAN ISLANDS holiday destination


Where do you go for a castaway-in-paradise fix with all the good looks and deluxe touches of the Maldives, but none of the other guests? A savvy few have been whispering about the Andaman Islands – a far-flung archipelago of white-sand beaches and tangled mangroves in the Indian Ocean, 150km off Indonesia – for a while. But, at last, the luxury hotels have caught up. First came eight-suite, teak-chic Jalakara, on Havelock Island, all private tropical splendour in a hilltop plantation. And now, brand-new Taj Exotica Resort & Spa beckons with its 72 glass-and-timber villas, also on Havelock – or, more precisely, Radhanagar Beach, said to be one of the most beautiful in Asia. Nip in just before heavy monsoon rains hit at the end of June – there will be none of the high-season people, so you can go full Alex Garland.

holiday maldivi

6.Sightsee and surf in Andalucía

With the mercury creeping into the early 30s and an inordinate number of sunny days, Andalucía is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in June. Bypass the Costa del Sol to explore the region’s cities: Seville, Córdoba and Granada, site of the majestic Alhambra palace. Foodies can lose themselves among the bodegas of the sherry triangle, while inland the Sierra Nevada offers biking and hiking aplenty. Still hankering for some beach time? Try the Costa de la Luz. Heading down towards Tarifa, the Levante wind blows in from the east in June, creating excellent conditions for windsurfers.

holiday andalusia