Hitchhiking easy – Into the mind of hitchikers

Hitchhiking is one of the way of traveling that have more and more fans and people that used. Its unique adventure and way to explore the world. As a person that was doing that many times i can tell you how hitchhikers brain works.

Let me start this quick guide for better hitchhiking. Lets see how the hitchhiking brain is working. Of course what ever is written here is my own way of doing and my own thoughts. Every hitchhiker has its own way of traveling and handling with all situation.


Before you start hitchhiking you must do proper preparation. Get a map, make a detailed plan where you will travel. Having a proper gear for this kind of trips is also very important. What i do before i do any hitchhiking is to buy all food i need. To get my tent and my backpack ready and to make a plan from where to start.

Make a research of the area where you travel. Where you can camp if is needed, where you can get cheap accommodation. What many hitchhikers do is using a sites like Couchsurfing to get a free accommodation.Also some use sites like Workaway to volunteer and stay at one place and than move to another and so on.


When the day is come to do hitchhiking make sure that you will drop at the right point. What is the right point ? Right point is place where you can have best chance to be picked up. If is possible wait at the petrol station, some parking place or place where you are easy visible. I usually go on Petrol station because there people must stop to get something and is way easier to get into contact and to be picked up.

You must make sure that you have sign clean and proper . You must write proper your next destination. What i do is im writing the destination on their language, local language of the country where i am. I usually use cartoon paper and to be at least 30×30 cm big. Cartoon paper because is easier to write and is better quality. Remember to use one paper for two signs, one each side.

When you do hitchhiking recycling of the signs is must. Thats how you keep your resources which is very important when you travel like this. Speed of traveling depend from the frequency of the road and of course from the country.In some countries is way easier than others. Every each of us has some lucky ritual when we hitchhiking. Mine is to move from the place if i dont get a ride in 45 min. I always raise the right hand ( bit superstition must say hehe).


Make sure to speak with your driver. People love to hear stories especially from the hitchhikers. Also they are willing to share some of their stories. Hitchhiking is best way to have an cultural exchange.Truck drivers especially always have some interesting story from their trip to share with you.As more friendly you are as much you will get. When you go like this you must think about that principal. What you gave that you get 🙂

Even if you dont get a ride whole day which is possible to happened , keep smiling and stay positive. If you stay overnight somewhere than make sure that you will camp somewhere on the good place not so near the road.

When we talk about night , many hitchhikers dont like to hitchhiking at night. Possibilities are smaller to get ride but to be honest with it is possible to go during the night. I was doing that several times and secret is this. You must be near some frequent road , road that has good light or maybe near paytool where people stop so you can ask someone to take you .

The most important thing is that you must to be confident that you will get a ride, make sure you are on good point and make smile to show people how positive you are. If people think that you are fun to travel with they will picked you up.Some people say that traveling solo is better than group. What i think and from my experince doesnt really matter. But its always better if you travel with partner. Not just because is safe but just because if you stay on the road you have someone to talk with .

Wish you a wonderful trip and make sure to have fun where ever you go and what ever you do.hitchhiking girls hitchhiking beach hitchhiking road hitchhiking guy