I guess no person on this world that doesnt know about Hawaii, Hawaii, a U.S. state, is an isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific. Its islands are renowned for their rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches with gold, red, black and even green sands. Of the 6 main islands, Oahu has Hawaii’s only big city, Honolulu, home to crescent Waikiki Beach and the Pearl Harbor memorials.

I was preparing for this trip for a long time , eventually packing my stuffs and booking my flight to Honolulu. I was expecting to see a paradise look like island but what I see was even more than that. First arrive on the internatonal airport from there I took my rental car that I booked before and drove my self to the accommodation . I found one of this apartments on airbnb.com for a good price ( 29$ per day ) I found a nice shared room apartment bit outside of busy center of Honolulu.



Many things are waiting for you across the island. From amazing waves for surfers lovers to private quite beach in remote areas. From romantic view to amazing scenery with the volcanoes.

Capital city Honolulu has typical urban life many restaurants bars malls casinos . Lot of fun things to do. If you are more like me into the sunbathing and laying on the beach Honolulu has the most famous of all- Waikiki beach.

Every part of Hawaii has is own unique things to do . Maui known for its beach resorts, diverse geography and outdoor activities ranging from hiking and biking to windsurfing and snorkeling. Sprawling Haleakala National Park encompasses the island’s highest peak, Mt. Haleakala, as well as the pools and waterfalls of Oheo Gulch, accessed via scenic, winding Hana Highway.

Kaui It’s nicknamed “the Garden Isle” thanks to the tropical rainforest covering much of its surface. The dramatic cliffs and pinnacles of its Na Pali Coast have served as backdrop for major Hollywood films, while 10-mile-long Waimea Canyon and the Nounou Trails traversing the Sleeping Giant ridge are hiking destination.

Lānaʻi is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the chain. It is also known as Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation.

Hawaiian by nature,“ the island of Molokai remains true to its island roots. There are no traffic lights—just aloha—in the harbor town of Kaunakakai where fishermans haul in their daily catch and farmers showcase fresh-picked produce from neighboring fields. Quiet your spirit and you’ll feel the mana (power) that protects the island, from an area near Maunaloa said to be the birthplace of hula to the indescribable beauty of Halawa Valay. Or, descend 1,700 feet on a surefooted mule to the remote settlement of Kalaupapa and change your perspective forever.

Let’s play. On the island of Oahu, learn to ride the waves in Waikiki  where surfing was born or catch a big wave surfs meet on Oahu’s famed North Shore  Between sunrise and sunset, you’ll have hours to explore the hottest farm to table  restaurants, browse the latest designer and local fashion  check out the urban art scene in Chinatown  or stroll into Hawaii’s history at Iolani place When the sun goes down, the “Heartbeat of Hawaii” awakens to a new beat, and it’s time to put on your dancing  shoes.

Hawaii has lot of volcanoes so you can visit some of them and enjoy in the view. Many agencies offer trips to some of them but also I will suggest to do that volcano tour on your own.  I visit just two of them

Lōʻihi Seamount is an active volcano built on the seafloor south of Kilauea about 30 km from shore. The seamount rises to 969 m below sea level and generates frequent earthquake swarms, the most intense of which occurred in 1996. An eruption at Lōʻihi has yet to be observed, but scientists from the University of Hawaiʻi have recently made many submersible dives to the volcano and deployed instruments on its summit to study Lōʻihi in much greater detail.

Rising gradually to more than 4 km above sea level, Mauna Loa is the largest volcano on our planet. Its long submarine flanks descend to the sea floor an additional 5 km, and the sea floor in turn is depressed by Mauna Loa’s great mass another 8 km. This makes the volcano’s summit about 17 km (56,000 ft) above its base! The enormous volcano covers half of the Island of Hawai`i and by itself amounts to about 85 percent of all the other Hawaiian Islands combined.

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Depend  Where you go and what kind of accommodation you will take can range the price too. From affordable private room ( around 30-40 $) to super expensive suits costing over 200 $ . Same thing is for resorts , some of the resorts are cheap and some expensive. Before you go make sure that you can find the right one.

If you never been to Hawaii im telling you that is one of the destination that you must visit at least once in your life. I enjoy there and let me be honest with you I am thinking to go back there one day…


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