Guyana, a country on South America’s North Atlantic coast, is defined by its dense rainforest. English-speaking, with strong traditions of cricket and calypso music, it’s culturally connected to the Caribbean region. Guyana capital, Georgetown, is known for its British colonial architecture, including tall, painted-timber St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. A large clock marks the facade of Stabroek Market, a popular source of local goods.


Most common way of getting to Guayana is through air by airplane to Georgetown international airport. Many companies fly to Guayana especially from USA and Canada. This region is more and more visited by tourist so there is also few other options to get there by the sea with boat and ferries or by the land with buses or car.


Blessed with an irresistible combination of fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty – pristine Amazonian rainforests, immense waterfalls including the mesmerizing Kaieteur Falls, vast open spaces, savannahs, mountains, rivers, amazing wildlife, spectacular birdlife, bountiful species of flora and a variety of fauna – all complemented with a vibrant indigenous culture; Guyana is the perfect holiday destination.

Destination Guyana is certainly a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and the eco tourist-alike with an amazing blend of the Caribbean and South America; indeed this tropical paradise and has much to offer.

Bask in Guyana rich cultural fusion, truly unique and full of energy, life and diversity. In an era poised by explorations, voyages, slavery and indentureship, many nations came to Guyana bringing with them their ethnic values and their own unique cultures.

Over hundreds of years, their diverse cultures fused, and formed what is now Guyana’s cultural identity, overflowing with diverse cultural events.

The Destination celebrates over 11 unique cultural and festive events, reflective of Guyana’s motto of “One People, One Nation, One Destiny”; Guyanese bring out the true meaning of celebration through participation, creativity and oneness.

Come and have a blast at a true Guyanese costume street jamboree at Mashramani or join the liberation of Freedom Day where musical drums and folk dance consume the atmosphere. The next time you plan your vacation, remember Guyana is the rhythm for cultural and festival celebrations – the ultimate destination for your festive vacation!

Other exciting and festive events celebrated by our six peoples include: Mashramani, Phagwah (Holi), Easter, Folk Festival, Deepavali, Rockstone Fish Festival and Christmas.

Well on its way to becoming a top eco destination, the country boasts more than 80% pristine forest and is one of the countries with the highest biodiversity in the world. In 2012, Guyana received a $45 million reward from Norway for its rainforest protection efforts. This stems from a 2009 agreement between the nations for a total of $250 million for protecting and maintaining the natural habitat.

For the adventurers at heart, the Amazon rainforest of Guyana provides an amazing trekking experience. Through the rugged mountains and wild tropical rainforests can be found numerous developed trails frequented by the smiling faces of our indigenous peoples as they journey to their farms.

Take a guided trek and learn about the hundreds of plant species seen and used for many cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Be entertained by the whistling and mate dancing birds as they show-off in their natural habitat and experience silence for a peep at the lizards and rodents who camouflage themselves among the trees.

Guyana is truly a haven for birders and nature lovers, as more than 800 species of birds from 72 different families can be found here. There are many more species that remain unidentified. Guyana’s coastal capital city, Georgetown, hosts more than 200 of these species from 39 families alone. Whether you are a beginner or keen birder, watching spectacular species of birds freely flying overhead and whistle will be an unforgettable experience. From the range of parrots, toucans, the harpy eagle, Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Blood-Coloured Woodpecker, Crimson Fruit crow, and the Elusive Rufus-Winged Ground-Cuckoo, Guyana is indeed a birder’s paradise and a place where birders should always visit. Discover the thrill of birding in Guyana’s wild tropical rainforest, ruggedly beautiful mountains, coastlands and fascinating savannahs.

Home to thousands of fauna species, Guyana is also an exciting destination for wildlife spotting. We boast the largest and most unique species of snakes, rodents, monkeys, cats, frogs, lizards, mammals and much more.

Take a journey by boat, foot or vehicle in the day or better at night and get a glimpse of several giants of the rainforest such as the Giant River Otter, Emerald Boa, Boa Constrictor, Black Caiman, Capybara, the fearless Jaguar or the world’s largest fresh water fish, the Arapaima.

For a more intense adventure, the annual Pakaraima Mountains Safari takes you through the rough and undulating mountains of the Pakaraimas. See some most beautiful geological features in the Guiana’s shield, an array of flora and fauna, our rich biodiversity and most of all experience the rich culture and history of our indigenous people, while making new friends.

Our Safari will take you through more than 10 indigenous communities inhabited mainly by the Makushi and Patamona tribes. The eight-day journey starts from Georgetown and take you to Orinduik., which sits on the Guyana/Brazil border.

Learn how to make cassava bread with the indigenous people; observe the Parishara dance; and listen to the Patamonas speak in their native tongue.

Whilst on this journey you can slow down, enjoy and appreciate the indigenous communities of the Amazon forest in Guyana as we offer a truly unique community-based tourism experience.

The friendly Macushis and Patamonas of Surama, the Wowetta in the Rupununui, and the Arawaks in Santa Mission, invite you to spend a few days and experience their traditional indigenous culture.

Be amazed at the processing and tasting of food and beverages from cassava and be wowed by the cultural performances. Don’t miss their intriguing folklore and rainforest tales in the open air while star gazing. Sleep in the comfortable benab setting and wake up in the morning to the chirping of birds and call of insects, followed by a fun-filled day of trekking, birding, canoeing, swimming, fishing and observing handicraft made from forest products and many more.

What ever your pleasure, city life, jungle trekking or simply absorbing the cultural experiences, Tour companies are on hand to make your vacation an experience of a lifetime and ensure that Guyana offers the most authentic Amazon Adventure.


Guayana is not an expensive country so you can easy find a cheap place to stay or great hotel for very low price.


Guyana is known for its beautiful waterfalls such as Kaieteur and Orinduik, these are the places the country is most visited for. The peak-tourist season to witness the beauty of these falls with better weather is towards the end of wet or rainy season which marks late August till early September or late January till early February.

80% of the Guyana treasures dense rainforests with rare plants and species. Therefore a visit to its rainforests is a must. The ideal time to visit the rainforests is during the dry months of September, October and November when there is almost no rainfall. Visiting the rainforests during the wet season (December and January, May till mid August) will hamper you to explore the beauty of profound forests as the area turns into huge mud pond.

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