Grenada- Beauty of the Caribbean Sea

Grenada is one of the Caribbean Sea islands but is less popular travel destination than some others in that area. Planning my Caribbean travel i could`n resist to not visit this lovely place Grenada. Although if you travel from Europe is not cheap at all but if you are already there than is a different story . Grenada is famous for nice beaches and colonial buildings, which is more or less some kind of standard in this area.

How To Get to Grenada

If you are not on some of the cruise ships that pass near this lovely island getting to Grenada can be done via air. International airport is connected with many destination in Europe and especially North America, South America. London and UK are the best option for you to fly to Grenada ( St George) .Grenada’s airport – Maurice Bishop International Airport – is in the south-west corner of the island, close to almost all of the island’s hotels. Transfers to most properties take five to 15 minutes. A taxi to a hotel in the Grand Anse area should cost around EC$40 (£10).

Things to see and Do in Grenada

Try “Doubles” (St. George)

Doubles are a delicious breakfast found in the southern Caribbean. A sweet and spicy chickpea curry is wrapped inside of a soft bara bread. Latta makes the best ones on the island, and you can find her serving doubles out of the back of her orange van on Wall Street in Grand Anse.

Grand Anse Beach

This two-mile stretch of creamy-white sand overlooks a sheltered, azure-hued bay where bright red and yellow fishing boats burst with color. Numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops act as a convenient backdrop to this postcard-perfect scene, making this a great home base for sun-seeking visitors.

Recent visitors love this beach, but they do warn that local vendors’ aggressive sales pitches can put a damper on a relaxing day in the sun. To avoid any conflicts, just sternly say “No, thank you” (unless you actually want to make a purchase).

Grand Anse Beach lies along the southwestern coast of Grenada Island, roughly six miles south of St. George’s. You can reach the beach by car, minibus, or water taxi. You’re welcome to explore the beach at any time, day or night, and the sands are free of charge.

grenada anse


Tate the tipples of the River Antoine Rum Distillery

The longest continuously running rum distillery in the entire of the Caribbean region remains one of the most fascinating attractions on the Spice Isle as a whole.

Drawing both history buffs and booze lovers, it can be found between the fields of Saint Patrick in the north.

Today, the original distillery buildings from the 18th century are age-stained and half-ruined, but the same machinery used to crush and refine the sugarcane all those years ago is still in use, from the creaking water wheel (powered with the waters of the River Antoine) to the timber conveyer belts that transport the sugar crops straight from the field.

Regular tours are available for just a couple of dollars.

La Sagesse Beach (St. David)

Treat yourself to the ultimate Caribbean getaway at La Sagesse, a small, intimate boutique hotel situated on the beautiful and secluded La Sagesse beach in St. David’s.
Our lush tropical gardens, warm sand, Caribbean calm waters, exquisite dining and accommodations are the ideal location for the perfect holiday in Grenada.

Whether you’re planning a Caribbean family vacation, a romantic getaway, a business trip, a wedding or honeymoon, La Sagesse offers the perfect setting for whatever occasion brings you to Grenada.

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For a unique underwater experience, avid divers recommend visiting the Underwater Sculpture Park. Resting at the bottom of Moliniere Bay in St. George’s, the Underwater Sculpture Park’s subsea art installation depicts scenes from Grenadian culture and folklore. Although some divers describe the park’s iconic “Ring of Children” as somewhat eerie, one tripadviser user writes that “If you want to get surprised about finding something new under water, this is a great way to achieve it.”

Numerous companies offer guided dives to the islands’ underwater attractions. (Previous visitors highly recommend dive Grenada . Times and prices vary depending on the company you choose and the experience you wish to have.

grenada diving



Grenada has a wonderful selection of traditional recipes to try, ranging from wholesome savoury dishes to sweet treats. With year-round sunshine and fertile soil, Grenada produces many organic fruits and vegetables. Not to forget the great variety of freshly caught fish and seafood available too. Healthy and delicious, you’ll be drooling over the options available during your stay.

When you get there you definitely must try some of their traditional food in some of the restaurants.


Most of the island is with resorts and some really nice hotels. Price is different  range from 60 – 300 $