Fort Everdingen- visit of historical fortress in Netherlands

One of my experience from my recent trip to Netherlands was in Everdingen fort. Fort build in 1842 was active till 1947. Fort Everdingen was a base of defense in many wars. From Napoleon to Second World War.My best friend that was traveling with me explain me about this place and said we should visit on our way to Utrecht.

Wolfgang my Belgium friend was talking about rich history of this place and how fort Everdingen was important during the years.On the side there is also a camper-van parking space with all you need , from showers to toilet and of course cafeteria.  We know all this before we get there but we havent idea how good is.

fort everdingen

Way to Everdingen

We start our journey from Neunen , small city were Van Gogh museum is. After our breakfast and preparation we hit the road to our new destination- Everdingen. We took small roads through small towns and villages instead of fast highway. This was our way to enjoy in the area.From village to village , we slowly move to our final destination. Only Den Bosh was the biggest city we come across on our road. Must admit that i truly enjoy in every mile from our journey. Picturesque idilic villages was constantly coughting my attention. Animals and agriculture fields as well as wonderful canals bring my fantasy out.


After almost hour driving and passing some big rivers like Waal River we get on the final destination. Almost getting dark and around hour before closing of the place we have a chance to get know where facilities are and get some dark beer made in the Fort Everdingen. We pay 16 euros for our camper-van per day. Cafeteria was good, ladies that work there super friendly . We spend the night there and i make a small walk in the night. Place was so peaceful, most of the area pitch dark. Toilets were very clean and showers amazingly clean and nice. Every cent from those 16 euros WORTH.

Everdingen by Day

Wake up around 8 am, still was dark but dawn was coming and sun was raising slowly up. View on this amazing fortress was really fantastic. Make a d-tour , few pictures and i was once again amazed by the peacefulness of this place.Done my yoga and i walk around to enjoy in the sound of the nature. Fort Everdingen is build on vast area including several buildings. Through the fortress small pond or let say river is going . At the night thats the only sound we can hear. Nearby is the village and the canals.Whole area is full with green, grass and trees.

12 hours or bit more time spend there was one of my most memorable. I like the buildings and way how they were preserve also i like the beer that was produced there. The historical weight that is obvious and you can feel the energy.