Flying to and From Charleroi- flyers info

Ex military base and airport and now one of the most frequent airports in Belgium Brussles- Charleroi is becoming main airport for low budget flights.I never been there before but last trip i decide to fly from there back to Skopje.I believe that my experience will be very helpful for those who plan to visit this airport and fly from there.

How to get to Charleroi

In fact in 2013 i fly from Belgrade to Charleroi . My friend was there to wait for me .I would not speculate with prices of the public transport because i was traveling on her behalf for free .From the airport we use the bus to get to the train station in Brussels and from there we took a train to Leuven where was my final destination. Public transport is well organize and on time so is very reliable to use it.

In 2018 few weeks ago i was going to Fly from Charleroi back to Skopje.My friend drive me with a camper van around Belgium so after we went to Roselaar we continue to Charleroi . Driving through some nice landscape we arrive at night a day before my flight. Park the van in a small town near the airport- Chatelet , Because we were hungry we decide to search for some good place to have a dinner.

Found some nice Moroccan restaurant and we have nice dish of  Tangier .Place was full with people nice relaxed atmosphere and after we finish eating we went back to our van. Taking a good rest and in the morning we hit the road and went to the Charleroi airport.

From the parking spot that cost 4 euros we were walking maybe one kilometer to get into the Terminal building. You should follow the signs that we take you to 1 or 2 Terminal building. Wizz Air flight to Skopje was on Terminal 2. After i pass security checks i went to the place where i have checking inside the airport before we board.

Great thing for me was that i can use my mob app boarding card to get in . In some airports like for instance Skopje you cant do that cause they dont have a mobile app reader. Before the passport control there is several police officers that check everything detailed. After i finish the detectors and checking i went to the passport control . Several counters there so is going fast through the line. After we finish all this we board on the airport. We walk to the airplane cause is park near the terminal building exit.

Summary info for Charleroi

Overall i was happy  from the airport. Not difficult to get in and off. Stuff is efficient and fast in doing their jobs. Signs are clear and personal speak dutch french english spanish even .And you need less than hour to go through all things.