Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands are island located in North part of Europe. Its a independent country but under danish control.Since a little age i was fascinate by this small island with 50 000 people population. In fact my small city has more population than Faroe Islands but the beauty of this place make me to plan my trip asap.

Was 24th of June when i decide to go there. I booked my flight to Copenhagen and from there i get on ferry to Faroe Islands. Was an epic journey i would say, lovely scenery around. It is very long drive ( 30 hours) but you will have some memorable pictures from some of the scenery around you. The boring part is when you get on open sea but all kind of entertainment on the ferry plus rooms to sleep so not a big deal.

Another option to get there faster is by the plane from UK, Norway,Denmark and Sweden you have good deals to Sorvagur. Check also from Germany, France and Spain there is some good deals sometime.

Capital city of Faroe Islands is Torshavn . Tórshavn is the capital and largest city of the Faroe Islands is  in the southern part on the east coast of Streymoy. The lovely scenery around the city like the whole island is amazing.

All those colorful buildings and the mountains around make this place one of the most beautiful where i have been. Accommodation is easy to find on the island. Many hotels and hostels. Guest house as well. Price range from low to high. You can get for 30 e and also for 100 e or more. Airbnb was the option that i was using there. Its great cheap and we got first hand info where to go and what to see.Our host was working in a municipality of Torshavn and play amateur football even he was part of the national team. Hope if the guy became famous i will have a privilege to be at his place at some point 🙂

Next day we went on hike. Island is small so literally you can walk the whole island. Faroe Island is the place where no matter how deep inland you go you are still on 3-4 km from the sea 🙂 And you can see the sea from every high point on the island.

The Faroe Islands are notable for having the highest sea cliffs in Europe, and some of the highest in the world otherwise. With their volcanic origin the 18 islands are rugged and rocky. The average height above sea level for the country is 300m (982 ft). The highest peak, Slættaratindur, is 882m (2883 ft) above sea level. There are 1100km (687 mi) of coastline and no point is more than 5km (3 mi) away from the ocean. Mountains and valleys mostly characterize the inner landscape. The Faroese west coast is characterized by steep slopes and bird cliffs, that in the summertime are full of nesting seabirds such as puffins. Something that first meets the eye of a traveler is the lack of trees in the Faroes. The reason for this are the thousands of sheep that occupy the islands.

For those who want to hike there is 27 paths all over the country so i would say Faroe Islands are paradise for hikers, like my self 🙂

Also there is many ancient ruins that remind us on the famous Viking time. Many parts of this islands to be honest look like time stop there. People are super friendly and they speak their own language and they have different culture than rest of the northern european nations.

The best time to go there is in the summer…. June to early September. Rest of the year is cold and not so fun for walking and hiking i guess . But in summer whole island is green, lot of water and waterfalls around so the scenery looks truly breathtaking.

Faroe Islands use their own currency- Faroese króna and also Danish krone. But they accept euros if you have them its not a problem at all.

I can make it more longer this text but i prefer to show some of the picture that will more or less gave you a clue how it is. If there is any doubt about traveling to Faroe Island i would say just go . Its amazing experience.


Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Faroe Islands