Eindhoven – Place where my amazing journey begun

It was a first time for me to visit Eindhoven and Netherlands so I was a bit in anticipation what will looks like. In 2013 I was visiting Belgium and kinda expect similar to be here. After I booked my flight with Wizzair from Skopje to Eindhoven I was ready to experience Netherlands for a first time.

Check few things about Eindhoven and learn that this city is one of the biggest in Holland and the airport is one of the most busiest in the country. My flight was very early in the morning 6 am from Skopje.

After little sleep I catch a taxi from my city Veles to Skopje airport cost me 16 euro and 35 min to get there. Boarding was easy and smooth after waiting a bit we were in the airplane waiting to took off.

This was done with a lovely sunrise showing front of us when the airplane was took off the runway. Cabin crew inform us that will take a 2-30 hours to get to Eindhoven. So we arrive around 8-25 my friend and his lovely dog were there to wait for me and we took a very nice walk from there to the campervan parking spot . Nice walk beside the canal.

eindhoven phillips

Things to see and do in Eindhoven

We went to the center with the bus 402 which was right across the P +R parking place where our camper van was. We arrive at the central train station and across the station was the Piaza and pedestrian street.

Walking down the street we pass a big city mall with lot of shops and we get to the White Dome big church in the center . Around the church was several coffee bars really nice ones we walk down the road and pass a ice scatting place lot of people where scatting there . In this area we enjoy in really nice walk nice architecture.

We visit one of the pioneers in electronic devices and industry Philips museum. There you can see how history of products unfold.

eindhoven center

From there we decide to walk back and see the Philips football arena home of PSV football club. Massive complex with plenty of option to do around. Was a match day and was a lot of fans around. Walking back to the van we pass next to some building that was looking as a spasecraft. The Evoluon is a conference centre and former science museum erected by the electronics and electrical company Philips at Eindhoven in the Netherlands in 1966. Since its construction, it has become a landmark and a symbol for the city.

space eindhoven

We finish our day with few Heineken’s and we went to sleep. Next day we went to the tunnel of silly walks dedicated to famous actor John Cleese from Monty Payton ,

silly eindhoven

Accommodation in Eindhoven

We have our camping van that my friend who drove all the way from Belgium to pick me up. There was a nice place P+R right off the highway and not far (4km) from the center. Place was offering toilets and drinks and price was 7,5 euros. If you need to booked a hotel i found out that price is average 55 euros a day. I would definitely recommend AirBnB.