East Timor

East Timor is a small island nation located on half of the Timor island. They got independent from Indonesia in 2002 so make this state one of the youngest in the world. Before that from 1975 to 2002 they where part of Indonesia and before 1975 part of Portugal overseas territory.When i was thinking about doing this article about East Timor i didnt have any knowledge. Than i decide to go there and see for my self how it is. To be honest with you reading about this place on net make more confuse. So i check what i need i booked my flight and got there.

This is my point of view what this amazing place offer . You can check about East Timor on many other places and get real picture what is look like. First i got to international airport in Dili. But let me explain step by step all you need to know for East Timor.



Only way is the airplane. Not much connection to rest of the world, cheapest one is to Australia and is around 400$ rest of the world is double or triple that. My flight was from Kuala Lumpur.



To get to East Timor is a bit hard and require too much transfers maybe but when you get there you will see that is worthed. This is what you can do on this amazing island

Bask on the beach

There are many beautiful beaches in East Timor, but discerning bathers should make a beeline for Jaco Islands, which is home to the country’s finest golden sands. It’s about six hours by car from the capital, but the journey cuts through beautiful forests and wends along scenic coastal roads. Looking for something a little closer to Dili? Then try Areia Branca and Dollar Beach.

east timor

Discover the charms of Maubara

This small town is a few hours from Dili and notable for the fact that most inhabitants speak Tocodede, a language unique to this district of East Timor. Once in Maubara, visit the 17th-century fort. Once a prison, it has a substantial coastal wall with cannons still pointing out.

east timor-maubara

Dress up for Carnival de Timor

This annual jamboree lights up Dili every April (or sometimes May, depending on the duration of the rainy season). Revellers don traditional costumes during the carnival and compete for awards, which are given out to the best dressed. The dancing and merriment goes on long into the night with live music and much more entertainment.

Explore Baucau

As they retreated from East Timor, the Indonesians wrought carnage upon the town of Baucau. Yet its quaint, colonial charm still shines through and it remains a fine place to while away a few days. The city abounds with pretty Portuguese colonial architecture and visitors can explore caves used by the Japanese during WWII. There’s also a pool, should you fancy cooling off.

east timor- baucau

Feed your brain in Dili

East Timor’s colourful capital abounds with Portuguese architecture, which serves as a reminder of its colonial history. After independence the country was occupied by Indonesia and visitors can learn all about the country’s struggle for sovereignty at the poignant Resistance Museum. Housed in a former prison, the Chega! Exhibition offers a grittier take on the struggle against Indonesia.

Go climb a mountain

Thrill seekers are well catered for on East Timor with a selection of mountains that make for world class trekking. The most notable climbs include Mount Matebian and Mount Kablaki in the Baucau district and Mount Ramelau in Ainaro. The breath-taking views are complemented by stunning wildlife that includes eight species of bird unique to Timor.

east timor trail

Plan a getaway to Com

Make a journey to Com, a beautiful fishing village, popular for weekend getaways. The main activities are fishing and snorkelling. The 20 sublime rooms of the Com Beach Resort are a sign of things to come, with talk of a real 5-star resort being developed in the future.


Set sail for Atauro Island

Tutuala is the region to head for if you like watersports and great beaches. Atauro Island and nearby Jaco Island offer excellent diving, snorkelling and birdwatching. Atauro (which means “goat”) is now firmly on the map as an eco-tourism destination. Watch this space.

east timor - atauro island

Venture into Oecussi province

Oecussi province belongs to East Timor politically, yet is a part of Indonesian West Timor culturally and geographically. Its capital, Pante Makassar is a sleepy little town that lies between the coast and the mountains. Coral reefs off coast offer spectacular diving and snorkelling. Mountain biking and hiking are possible in the interior or in the mountains.

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Hotel rooms and other accommodation are still very limited and very expensive, especially for independent travellers. A government tax of 12% is added to all bills.

At the end i would say that maybe is cheaper to travel to Indonesia instead but believe me this place offer some amazing untouched nature. Still not much tourist going around East Timor but thats can be good 🙂