Early spring sun destinations in – Where to Travel in March

We are almost in the middle of the March. Month that  connect end of the winter and start of the spring. We made a list of 9 best destination to travel in March. Destination that will have all you need, good weather, easy and cheap to get there and lot of fun. Europe and most of the world  is wonderful in spring and late winter and those are the places that you should pay attention.

1.Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

The only destination that is techically in Europe that has warm enough weather for sunbathing in March are the Canary Islands, just off the southern coast of Morocco. Since they are officially part of Spain they count as being in Europe, and they are quite popular this time of year because of that fact and how easy they are to reach from Britain and Scandinavia in particular.

Tenerife is the largest of the islands and the one that is most oriented towards English speakers, so it’s the first choice of many. You’ll be surprised at how many people are sunbathing in Tenerife when it’s just barely warm enough. Fortunately, the evenings don’t get cold and there usually isn’t much wind, so it feels quite nice. The best climate can be found in the southwest corner of the island near Los Cristianos.

March Tenerife

2.Cairo – Egypt

March is part of the sweet period in Cairo where it’s nicely warm but still not overwhelmingly hot. With so many things to see in the outdoors in Cairo you are much better off avoiding the summer heat. Even as part of the high season for hotels, Cairo is incredibly cheap by most standards so you can find a great bargain any time of year.

When Egypt is struggling to attract tourists you might find that you can get a fantastic deal at a 3- or 4-star hotel, since they tend to lower prices when demand is weak while the cheaper places generally hold steady. Food tends to be very cheap in Cairo as well, as long as you avoid the restaurants in those fancy hotels.

march Cairo

3. Essaouira – Morocco

Where once, Morocco only really gleamed on the map – for British tourists at least – via the (admittedly alluring) souks of Marrakesh, now it can suggest Fes, Agadir and Tangier as accessible reasons to visit. And Essaouira. Pinned to the country’s Atlantic coast 110 miles west of Marrakesh, here is all the food and market frenzy you may expect of any Moroccan city – but also long beaches which are oases for surfers and windsurfers.

march morocco

4.Chios Island, Greece

It’s sure to be a night of passion on the Greek island of Chios when two rival churches take part in an unusual tradition known as rouketopolemos the night before Easter (March 31). Translated as “rocket war,” the event is exactly as it sounds: starting around 8:00 p.m., the neighboring churches begin firing thousands of fireworks at each other, causing the town to resound with the sound of hurtling comets and exploding rockets. The event is so popular, locals hike up into the hills to ensure a good viewing spot before the blazing proceedings get underway.

march chios

5.Riga Latvia

Deeply etched in European history, Riga in Latvia is synonymous with classical music, elegance, and historic architecture. Get lost through the quaint side streets on a spring morning and make sure to visit the city’s medieval center, which offers the widest collection of art nouveau buildings in the world. Here, the concentration of remarkably intact medieval architecture dates back to the 12th century, which contributed to Riga’s World Heritage status. The European Union also recently recognized the city as the European Capital of Culture for 2014.

march riga

6. Vietnam

There’s no better time to scale the length and breadth of this compelling country. Vietnam’s usually sticky humidity vanishes in March and dazzling sunshine heralds the driest month of the year. It’s the ideal time to laze on the southern beaches but also optimum weather for trekking the craggy northern mountains. It’s also still shoulder season, meaning you can see much more for less. Admire Ho Chi Minh’s French colonial architecture from a buzzing sky bar, explore Hanoi’s ancient pagodas, sail on the tranquil Mekong and take a rickety bike ride over the bridges of Hoi An in the gorgeous central region. Just up the coast is the Khoai Chau district, where the Chu Dong Tu festival takes place in March with processions of richly embroidered golden dragons and burning incense. It’s a feast for the senses that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

march vietnam

7.Mallorca, Balearics

Mallorca in the spring is an entirely different island from the one you’ll see in summer. There’s still a high chance of sun, as March temperatures are upwards of 20˚ in the south, and the transparent greeny blue of the Mediterranean is pretty much a constant all round the coast. But spring is the season for exploring the countryside, finding villages tucked off the tourist trail and finally understanding why the likes of Chopin and Miró loved this seductive Balearic best of all.

Palma’s urban beaches are quieter at this time of year and the city’s easier to enjoy. Down on the south coast, holiday-ready seaside towns still feel fresh and enthusiastic in the lead up to June. And even resorts like Magaluf are fun rather than frantic in the spring.

Cala d’Or in the south east is reliably good fun for families early in the season. But if you want authentic charm and a quick route from coast to country, think about Puerto de Antraitx to the west.

march palma

8.Southern Italy

Deep in the south of Europe, you can find a place where spring arrives early and March allows comfortable outdoors recreation. Southern Italy in March is an excellent vacation choice. The city of Cisternino hosts the Festival of the Gnemerliddle to honor San Giuseppe. Partake in local foods, including Gnermerliddle – skewered and grilled lamb giblets – and sample other local cuisines. In Calabria, an island off the coast of Sicily, the Reggio Calabria Orange and Lemon Fair is a place to taste local wines and dried fruit in March. It is one of the region’s top events during this part of the year. In Sicily, the city of Modica is the place to find Italy’s best chocolate and to gather around an all-night bonfire on March 19 in front of St. George’s Church. Nearby Vittoria hosts the Feast of the Foundation on March 23 to celebrate local wines, and two days later in Patti, Annunziata’s Feast features a big parade.

south italy march

9.Ohrid Macedonia

Very often consider as a spiritual center of Macedonia , Ohrid offer plenty things to do and see. Starting from March weather in Ohrid getting better and is fantastic for spending time walking around the city and the lake Ohrid. Lake is under UNESCO protection because is rich with plants and animals from endemic nature. City have old famous architecture , old fortress overseeing the city and of course many churches. Locals will tell the story about Ohrid having 365 churches one for each day. Most of them are still existing . If you prefer to just relax outside than drinking your coffee or eating your meal next to the lake breeze can be perfect. Temperatures in March in Ohrid are around 14-16 during the day toward the end of March even 20-21. Galicica national park is near so you can even hike. On the highest point of the  park you can enjoy in outstanding view on the 2 lakes… Ohrid and Prespa.