Drone photos- 10 most amazing Drone Photos

Drone photography now is very popular and widely use by the travelers and bloggers.We all love to see some of those amazing pictures from all around the globe. No matter is it beach or urban place, mountain or desert pictures made by this new technology  are outstanding.

Since the first photos till now aerial photography gain more and more popularity. There is no blogger on this planet without  photos or article about this new trend.

Site Dronestagram is getting more and more popular among people. Is a site dedicated to the aerial photography and Drone pictures. They held annual contests on their site where anyone can join for free and apply with a photo made by yourself.

I took some of their winners photos to complete this list of 10 Drone photos that caught our eye.

10. Dubai aerial view

drone photo of dubai

A photo of Dubai downtown with a view on some of the skyscrapers and part of the beach.

9.Shiva drone photo – Mauritius

shiva drone photo

One of the highest Shiva statue is in Mauritius. This amazing photo is  offer some outstanding view on the surroundings.

8.Oregon drone photo

oregon drone photo

Oregon is famous for amazing forests, lot of lakes and fantastic places for hikes. This photo show all this from the best angle.

7. Finland aerial photo

finland drone photo

Finland is a lake land and this aerial photo show the best of Finnish nature

6. Drone photo of Cape Town beachfrontdrone cape town photo

Wonderful beach front aerial photo of Cape Town South Africa

5.Maldives drone Photo

maldives drone photo

Paradise island Maldives and fantastic aerial view on the ocean and luxury cabins

4.Iguazu Falls – Brazil/Argentina

falls drone

Placed on the border between Brazil and Argentina , Iguazu falls are one of the biggest falls and most exciting in the world

3.Austerlitz pyramid drone photo

drone photo of austerlitz  pyramide

The Pyramid of Austerlitz is a 36 metre high pyramid of earth, built in 1804 by Napoleon’s soldiers on one of the highest points of the Utrecht ridge, in the municipality of Woudenberg.

2.Wat Ek Phnom – Cambodia

drone cambodia photo

Fantastic view on one of the oldest and scared temples in Cambodia

1.Lithuania drone photo

lithuania  drone photo

Two men peacefully fishing from the boat in the lagoon of Elektrėnai, Lithuania.