Discover Malmo – Best 5 restaurants in Malmo

When you traveling the most important thing is to have a nice time and to enjoy. Enjoying without good food would not be complete therefor is crucial to know some good dining places before you go. Although you can inform your self on the spot from the locals. Malmo is one of my favorite cities in Europe , i`ve been there several times and during every each of my visit i was discovering new places. Here is the list of best 5 restaurants in Malmo.

Vollmers Malmo

Located in a nice neighborhood of Skane , this wonderful place own by Ebbe and Matt offer many things. Went for the full course and wine menu. The attention to detail is mind boggling – ask into the story behind the cutlery fur an example. And how the curved chip surrounding the calf is done.

malmo dining

Bastard Malmo

The trendy yet homely feel of Bastard quickly made it one of the restaurants in Malmö attracting the biggest food-loving crowds. The open-view kitchen, located right in the middle of the dimly lit dining room, offers honest, classic European fare. There’s a special affection for meat, as one should expect of a restaurant whose logo features a juicy pig. Meals start with the house’s Bastardplanka, a selection of cold cuts served on Bastard’s signature wood plate with a knife stuck into it. For other courses, chef Andreas Dahlberg likes to creatively use succulent off-cuts. This keeps the restaurant in an affordable price range while still providing tasty, innovative options for the hungry customers.

malmo bastard

Saltimporten Canteen

This place is amazing.  A bit difficult to find, as it’s off in a more industrialized part of town.  But once you find it – oh boy!  Really great service, the food is off the hook delicious, very affordable, tables both inside and out.  There are only two dishes available – one meat and one veggie, but I loved the fact that I didn’t have to consult a huge menu in Swedish that I wouldn’t understand anyway… I went Thursday and then went back Friday as well – I would have gone back Saturday, but they’re closed on weekends!
Do yourself a favor and visit this wonderful spot!  Can’t say enough good things…



Far and Hatten

A wonky 19th-century cottage in the middle of Folkparken Far i Hatten is a cosy dinner venue in winter, while in summer the outdoor area throngs with hip Malmöites. Chef Simon Lennblad is a passionate forager and his larder bulges with dried pike perch liver and meadowsweet cordial.


Salt and Brygga

Malmö’s Salt & Brygga does a great job at combining an eco-friendly spirit with Mediterranean-inspired cuisine without sacrificing taste. The restaurant has received several awards for its policy of strictly using biological, organic ingredients, sourced from local suppliers to reduce the local carbon footprint. Endangered animal species on WWF’s red list such as eel or prawns are altogether banned from the menu.  Even the materials used throughout the restaurant are fully recyclable. In addition to all this, Salt & Brygga has a beautiful location, as it is situated meters away from the sea, in the city’s new neighborhood of Västra Hamnen. Moreover, the Turning Torso, Malmö’s iconic skyscraper, is visible right behind the red brick building in which the restaurant is housed.