Digital Nomads life- how to became a good digital nomad

In the last few years there is more and more digital nomads around the world.Most of them are organize in a hubs or groups around the world. But what is important to be a successful digital nomad and how to choose the right place to start. Well this is some of my experience , been to several countries from where i do my online job.

First i would like to explain what is digital nomad term that we all reading or hearing so much. Digital nomad is a person who is free to travel and work online from every place on this planet.Mostly is b loggers or photography vloggers  or online marketing person.

Before you decide to start you must have an idea what you will work. In my case i have my travel blog and i am able to fix computers , thing that i learn in South Africa. When i decide to go and work in South Africa prior the world cup in football 2010 i set a website first for selling tickets for the games, promote it and we were ready to go. I was working from my best friend home office and run this site.

Before you go you must organize where is the cheaper for you to start. Otherwise will take a lot of money to start and that will create more pressure on you from the start…. You dont need that . I have a luck to have a place to stay and got a cheap ticket so i booked my flight sort out my visa thing and hit the road.

Second thing you must make sure as a Digital Nomad is to have set online job before you go. In case you are photographer or similar make sure at least to have enough material for your site to start. From some of your previous locations.

Many offices are open now for digital nomads who offer place to stay , food and conditions to work. Some of them pay pocket money but most of them are on volunteering base.Make sure to make a deal with the office if you work in the office that you can use after the work hours whole equipment and resources for extra hours for your own job. Networking is a important thing as well. This will help you to easier push your site.

After South Africa i went back home to my home country Macedonia and after few month i was on the road again, to Switzerland. There i stay in a hotel working for them on promotion of the place and taking care about the people. If you are digital nomad volunteering in a hotel , hostel or guesthouse i recommend high  cause is easy way to cut your costs of staying. You will have food, place to sleep, to interact with people and of course stable internet to work.

Internet connection is crucial when you decide where to go. You must be on a place where Internet connection is good, just to be able to upload and share your work online.

Weather and summer or winter season also are important for your choice. Many digital nomads prefer in winter to be on warm places. Than you have a condition to work outdoor. Europe is popular in summer but South East Asia , North Africa and South America are popular when in Europe is winter.

Digital Nomads must think about the living standard in the place where he or she want to go. If is too expensive than is not worth much but still depend if you have place to stay or not. If you have place to stay than even in places like Singapore, Hong Kong , Japan or other is good to be. Those places maybe are expensive but still they are great for networking and offer better internet and working condition.

My experience with Switzerland and Israel confirm this. In these countries i was staying and volunteering in a hostels or hotels and getting more contacts and great condition to do my work. In cheaper places like South Africa you can rent your own place and work from there.

At the end i would like to mention what is the most popular places for digital nomads

Thailand – cheap destination , great weather, lot of nomads

Indonesia- same like thailand, cheap destination, great weather , lot of digital nomads

India- great cause is cheap and fantastic weather all year around.

Baltic countries in Europe ( Estonia especially) they are not so expensive and still offer great condition for work.

Africa ( Tanzania, Mozambique , South Africa, Egypt , Morocco) they are cheap and weather is great all year around. Internet connection is good in a cities .



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