Costa Rica -Country of exotic nature and calm places

 Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse territories worldwide, according to IN Bio, Costa Rica holds wild interesting flora and fauna, while the vastness of the land fulfills the surroundings with mountains, volcanoes, lakes, seas and forests. The immensity of the Central American country is a whole adventure to trip in!
Costa Rica possess around four hundred to five hundred nautical kilometers in on side (Pacific) and two hundred to three hundred on the other side (Caribbean), making it one of the central American with most territory.
Costa Rica San Jose
Lapa’s and white faced monkeys are among the exciting creatures that exist here; sloths, while being endangered species, the people take special care of them, thanks to the protection offered by federal laws in which a number of other animals including: pumas, jaguars, deer’s, rely on.
San José is a branch of ethnical and diverse culture in Central America, a city full of life with around 1, 5 million people, with mountains on all sides, its valley is the biggest in the country populated by five million people. It’s also the capital of the state San José which is the central province in the country and one of the most profitable and economical states inside. Tortuguero for example, is a wetland located in the Caribbean tropical province; Limón, this is a wet land with an approximately of 75 000 acres in its whole size.
Its magnificent nature and life amazes thousands of visitors per year. This wetland is a refugee for exotic frogs, crocodiles and turtles, it’s forest possess around 70 percent of humidity all year, for this; the variety of its inhabitants. Limón also presents a diverse culinary art, and the state has had African Caribbean heritage for over 100 years, its colorful people and music will make you a good memory not easy to forget; taste a piece of ´´pan-bon´´ while you can also eat some rice & beans with Panamanian pepper, some coconut milk and fried chicken on the side, you also have sweet ´´pati´´ for the dessert and the best moon outside the Caribbean to lay on.
Costa Rica beach
Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world
On the other side, Manuel Antonio national park located in Quepos, Puntarenas, is estimated that has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, while its crystalline water and white sand might catch your attention instantly, watch out for the little spider monkeys and also the white faced, well this little friends will only steal any type of food from you and leave you emptyhanded with a handshake and a smile.
Surf is always a priority and this is a good place to learn, mean while you can enjoy a Costa Rican Imperial Beer on the sunset of Quepos, Manuel Antonio national park has a diary schedule of 9-10 hours, everyday it’s open for foreign and national tourists from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Costa Rica scenery
Costa Rica has nice nature
The Fees and needs to visit Costa Rica –USA visa or EUA country (also can apply for visa in the closest Costarican consulate). -3500 euros (One month) if you want to have a good experience. -Knowledge of the language: Spanish is main language but most Costaricans are familiarized with English. What to do and not to do: -You can visit: Manuel Antonio, Tortuguero, Bahía Ballena, Uvita, Isla del coco, Isla chira, Isla Violín, Herradura, Cerro Chirripo, Cerro de la Muerte, Tapantí, among others, and all the rest of the national parks. –
Costa Rica rain-forest
Costa Rica have some breathtaking volcanos and rain-forests
Don’t visit: Limon (city): nowadays it’s a very insecure place, with social problems of drug use and high criminal rate. San José (capital): it’s a colorful city with a lot heritage but still, it’s an economical urban area and you will find just a few places to enjoy.
Expects high temperatures, the cloth should be for walking and trips. In Costa Rica food is a plus, agriculture offers a wide condition of environments, for this the farming process is very neat and healthy, you can find plenty and organic products in any local market or supermarket at a fair price.
The security is good but don’t forget to always be prepared in any situation, your wallet and passport among your cellphone and personal belongings should be with you most of the time, in case of police check also.
Costa Rica carribean beach