Way of Travel-Cheapest way to travel Around

Since im traveling i am doing on different way. Low costs flights, couchsurfing , woofing etc. I will explain about all this ways what is good and of course what is bad. Every way has advantages and disadvantages. But all this ways will save you some money and of course help you to travel longer for less.

Couchsurfing,Bewelcome,Warmshower etc- Free couch ways

If you want to cut on hostels costs and save some money you can sign up on one of those sites and search for a host to host you in a period of time you need. From my personal experience people stay on free couch for 3 days max. I have an examples where people were staying longer at my place but thats rare. I use this method 2008-2009 during my trips to Romania, Israel, Montenegro. I was staying on Couchsurfing. This ways are the best if you go on low. I also host over 100 people in period od 9 years.

WOOFING, Workaway ways of traveling

Woofing , workaway are just some of the sites where you can find host to volunteer. Principal is you pay for membership and you can see the contacts of people who need a help. Ive done that via WOOFING in Switzerland back in 2012. I pay 20CHF for year and got via mail a book with informations. I start writing to people and one nice lady with guesthouse in Zurich accept me . I was volunteering there for place to stay and food.Safe a lot because Zurich is expensive place to be.

Rules for woofing are you pay in every country you go certain membership. But this is not a case for workaway where you pay once and you can get info for whole world. For single applicant price is 25eur and for couple is 38 eur. Depend if you travel alone or not .

Internship, work and travel programs

If you search around you can find many of this Internship programs that offer accommodation and some cash for your services.Moving around like this is great because offer you chance to travel and earn.

Travel Clubs, Coworking spaces , Digital Nomad hubs

Travel clubs like Worldventures  for example offer discounts on every trips if you pay a certain amount of membership. This way will safe you lot of money and will give you some luxury taste of your travels. Lately Digital Nomads are very popular and there is so many hubs and coworking spaces around the globe. This way is perfect for those like me who want to travel and work on their blogs plus on this places they can extend their network of contacts.


The cheapest way is of course hitchhiking, in that case you dont pay for your transport. Car sharing and using those sites like blablacar is also an option to safe some money on your transport. Some people love to Cycle other love to drive a motorbike. For me personally cheap and low cost flights is the best option to choose. Way of traveling like this will gave you more flexibility on your trips.

Hope i help you with some info and before you choose which way to take must think about what is suitable for you.