Chateau De Tourbillion castle- beauty of Switzerland

Late September we are on our way to Geneva. On our way we pass next to Sion and we decide to make a break at one of the most beautiful castles in SwitzerlandChateau De Tourbillion . First went to eat something in Sion cause we were so hungry from the long way ( driving from Milano via Como to Geneva ).

Went to the center of the city eat and walk a bit around . Some really nice churches in the center and magnificent architecture left me impress but i was here for something much more wonderful – Chateau De Tourbillion.

As a big fan of castles and fortresses i was reading about this one. Was dubbed as one of the most beautiful in Switzerland so i decide to visit and make sure is it so wonderful or it was just a marketing trick. Another think that is great about Chateau De Tourbillion is that is so close to the city, less than 1 km from the center.  On your way you can enjoy in the wonderful houses.

Chateau de Tourbillon- sion

Important thing to know is that if you go on your own ( which we done) than is free no fee for entrance. If you go with a guided tour than is 4 CHF per person. Chateau De Tourbillion was build in 13 century , late 17 century was burn to the ground and renovate later on in 18 century.

Still you can see ruins laying around Chateau De Tourbillion. From here you can see the Valere castle on the other hill. Both castles look amazing overlooking the city and showing the city history.

Tourbillon became the Prince-Bishop’s summer residence and remained a visible symbol of secular and ecclesiastical power. In 1384 a group of rebels attacked Sion and captured Tourbillon and Majoria. Bishop Eduard of Savoy had to request soldiers from Count Amadeus VII of Savoy and Bern to retake his castles.

Chateau de Tourbillon- sion

A large part of the castle was destroyed during the Raron affair in 1417 and Bishop Wilhelm V of Raron had to flee to Bern. The castle was then rebuilt in the 1440s to 1450s by Bishop Guillaume VI of Raron. As part of the reconstruction, the chapel was repaired and painted with Gothic frescoes which are still visible. It remained the administrative center of the diocese but in later centuries the military importance of the castle decreased. On 24 May 1788, a gigantic fire in Sion reduced the castle to ashes. The Bishop planned to rebuilt Tourbillon, but the revolutions sweeping through Europe ended the plans. The castle was excavated and restored in 1966 to 1969 and again in 1993 to 96

Chateau De Tourbillion  keep so many secrets, once a key point in the city defense now very popular touristic place. I was fascinating by the place, view was stunning , castles was so near the center ( walking distance) free entrance and still can feel the mysticism of this old place.

Tho i spend only one day there i was full with impression about Chateau De Tourbillion and promise my self next time i will come back to spend more and also to visit the other castle.

Chateau De Tourbillon