Cats traveling with you- Guide how to travel with pets

Some of us are so connected with their pets that can not leave them behind. Taking the pet in this case cause im cats lover and i know mainly for traveling with cats can be a quite a challenge. Some of preparation need to be taken. From preparing the cat to arranging the transport and accommodation for that cat.

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Preparation of the cats for the trip

Before the travel you must take a pills if is needed for the cat to take the trip easier. You should know personally if your cat need anything or not. Mine experience show that you can pass flights less than 3 hours without any problem . So just make sure to play enough time to make the cat more relax and when time for the flight come will sleep most of the flight.

Transportation of the cat (pet)

Some airliners allow you to take the cat with you and store in under the seat. Some require to check them in and they store them on the different place not with you. In my personal case i do not take the cat with me if i need to store it in luggage space. Also i never took a pet on a flight longer than 2 hours. I believe is not so comfortable for them.In that case is better if you just leave them at home or with someone

If you notice that your cat is getting anxious that make sure that cat has enough to eat and drink water.If is needed ask the crew to open the container and hold the cat a bit. Peddling should be great against the stress.


Accommodation of your pet

In some hotels they allow you to bring your cat or any other pet into the room.Some others not allow at all. You can also put your pet in a special pet hotel where will be surrounded with many other cats or other pets. If you can afford that can be  a good option but if you dont want to separate from the cat than is  better to look for a hotel where they allow a cat to be inside your room.

If you travel to some of the popular travel destinations like Budapest, Prague, London, Paris, Barcelona , Berlin, Zurich you can always find a special hotels for them or hotel that will allow you to put it in the room with you.

Smaller and less touristic places might not have some good option for you and your pet. so is smarter before you take it to check and make some research on Internet.


Every pet is a different and my experience is to do always what is best for your cat. You knows best how will act and take the trip.

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