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8 Perfect locations for Digital Nomad

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Perfect location for an digital nomad is crucial for its functioning as a digital nomad. Many locations can be labeled as a great location for digital nomads. When i think about that i would say many things decide which place…

iconic milkyway

The Most Iconic places to Travel

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We live on the wonderful planet and we have such a amazing places .This list content many famous and not so famous places that you must visit. Need some inspiration to plan your next trip? Plan the ultimate vacation at…

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9 ways to travel for free

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We all want to travel around the world . If is that possible to be for less or free than great. Many ways how to travel for free or on low cost, we made a list from some of the…

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6 reason why you should visit Liverpool city

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Liverpool city is a synonym for Liverpool football club. Every time when you mention Liverpool people asociate that with the LFC . But there is many other reason why to visit this iconic city. Liverpool was the home of famous…

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Top 4 All Inclusive resorts-Vacation to go

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All Inclusive resorts are such a popular way of traveling in last period . More and more people search for all inclusive resort worldwide. We made a list from 4 most popular all inclusive resorts out there. Different part of…

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April Vacation- best destination to travel

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WHAT IS THIS STRANGE SENSATION? All this light and warmth on our skin, long sunny days and birdsong and a greening across the countryside of the northern hemisphere. Spring, at last! Europe is warming up for summer. April is the…