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Blue Grotto Caves -Trip to Blue cave in Malta

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Blue Grotto is a system of caves inside the sea. Located in the south of Malta island is location that offer a lot. Cliffs are amazing so they form outstanding landscape.After many talking about Blue Grotto i decide to go…


Summer Hike- Best summer hiking trails

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Hiking in summer and winter is not the same. Also hiking in tropical area and mountains is not the same.For me personally hiking in the mountains is summer is the best option. Giving you some fantastic views and less hot…

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Trek in Asia – Top 7 treks in Asia

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This region of the world is home to the highest mountains and best trek in the planet. So, as you can imagine, you don’t have to look far to find excellent hiking. Snowcapped peaks, glacial lakes and unique wildlife are…

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Uganda safari paradise and natural beauty

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MOST IMPORTANT AND BEAUTIFUL ATTRACTIONS IN UGANDA Although landlocked and relatively equal to the size of Great Britain  approximately 236,060 square kilometers, tourist attractions in Uganda are very diverse. Since the country is located on both sides of the  equator, the climate…