Camping in Nature- best way to enjoy in harmony

From all type of traveling and accommodation camping is one of the most exciting and adventures. For all of us its easy to go to hotel and stay there , explore the area and so on. But when you are in the nature and you feel the harmony than its totally another story. Me personally love to camping in the nature. Have my freedom and flexibility and i truly enjoy exploring the nature.

Type of Camping

There is different types of camping, forest, desert, urban camping, beach etc. Depend on what type of camping you choose preparation are different. Also very important is to know the weather in the area so you can pick up the correct tend for your need. When you going out in the nature you definitely need to organize your trip before you get there. You need to take everything you need for your camping. If is mountain or forest make a sure to equip with the correct gear. Waterproof tend that can stand strong wind and low temperature, good sleeping bag that will keep you warm during the night and other small but necessary things like gas portable heater (if is cold at night) or lamp. Make sure you have enough space for sleep and for storing your personal stuffs.

Preparation for Camping

As i already mention right preparation is crucial and need to be made way in advance. From a personal experience i know and can tell you that not always original plan is precise and therefor you need to be prepare for all kind of setback on the camping ground.Before you hit the road make sure that you will check the area and info about the weather. Depend where you go choose the right gear.

Make a list of things you need for that camping and go through that list one by one till you get everything you need. Pack your stuffs and double check if you get everything on board.When you get to the spot make sure to set your tend on the flat spot, its advisable to be near the trees or something that will protect you from the rain. If you are in forest or desert make sure to set on the higher place and start a fire front of the tend and camping spot just to mark and chase away the intruders.

Use anything you can from the nature because Nature offer so many options that might help you to build a better camping place. Make sure you are near to the water, lake, sea, ocean, river. If you are not near water and want to stay longer than you need to bring lot of water with you and that will slow down you trip.Take compass or anything to oriented better if you are in the middle of no where .

camping lake

Solo camping vs group camping

Depend what you personally want. Both ways have there advantages and disadvantages. Solo camping mean that you must think more about everything . You need to make sure that nothing will surprise you. In that case if you travel alone than you must have with you some sort of way to communicate if is needed. When you camp alone than you have the freedom to choose where and when you go and how long you stay. You need less gear to sorted out, On the other hand is not so wise because many thing can happened so been alone in the nature is not the best way. So if is possible go with someone on your camping , more people more fun and no need to thing about everything on your own.

camping fire

Camping and ecology

Camping is the best way to preserve the eco system of the Planet. But also when we are out there we need to take care about that. So all disposal that we have we should keep in bags and throw in the proper place. We should make sure that will not fire up the forest or anything near when we start a camping fire. Even if there is no restroom in the area is better if we digg a whole and make a restroom after we finish camping just to close that hole and protect the nature. If river is near or any kind of other water than we should not take a bath inside especially not with some products like shampoo or soup. Every time build a shower with some container  hang up on some tree or something else.

Nature gave us so much and sometime some people don`t care much for the nature. But we should respect and do anything in our power to keep the camping place clean.

camping mountain