Budva- Mondem place on Adriatic Riviera

Montenegro is special and i would say magical place. Landscape is outstanding and beautiful. Adriatic coast is amazing , combination of mountains and rocks make coast more picturesque. Budva is one of the most visited place in Montenegro. Very touristic and popular. Some places are high class with parked yachts and rich hotels, others are for low budget travelers like me for super nice price.

Getting to Budva

No airport in Budva so if you decide to fly you need to get to Tivat or Podgorica and travel to Budva.From Tivat to Budva is 20 km so is better to get plane to Tivat and than to go to Budva. If you land in Podgorica which is 65 km from Budva catching a bus to Budva will cost you 6 euros all year round.Dubrovnik airport located on 85 km also have connection with Budva with busses

If you choose to use bus than you have from all cities in area to Budva. They are also very frequent

From Croatia , Italy you have ferries to Budva.

My trip to Budva

Many time i was traveling to Montenegro. Mainly i was going to Bar, Kotor, visiting old capital of Cetine or just camping around . This time i decide to go to Budva. Many people said is a place where you can enjoy in very good nightlife and in the same time is a playground of the rich and famous. Booked a flight from Skopje to Tivat and after that i rent a car on the airport to go to Budva. 20 km are nothing and we pass some really nice landscapes.

We went to our hotel , Apartments Teona , located in nice area with several museums around , beach not far from there. Some nice restaurants in the area as well.Cost us 25 euros private room with a king size bed for 2 people . Hotel was clean and nice. People super friendly .


That was the day after we wake up and decide to explore some of the center of Budva. We come across to interesting museum. The Cat museum who is right next Saint Sava church.

Budva church


The Old Town of Budva is situated on a rocky peninsula, on the southern end of Budva field. Archaeological evidence suggests that Illyrian settlement was formed on the site of the Old Town before Greek colonization of the Adriatic. While the site was permanently settled since Roman era, most of existing city walls and buildings were erected during the Venetian rule.

The entire town is encircled with defensive stone walls. The fortifications of Budva are typical of the Medieval walled cities of the Adriatic, complete with towers, embrasures, fortified city gates and a citadel.

Originally, there were gates on all of the four sides of the walled city. However, sea-facing gates were closed up over the years. The main city gate is Porta di Terra Ferma, the grand entry to the city from the west. It is also the beginning of the city’s main thoroughfare, Njegoševa Street. There are also four more gates on the north wall, facing Budva marina (Porta Pizana, Porta Pizana 1 and 2, and Porta Pizanella), and one small gate facing the southwestern beach of Ričardova glava.

The layout of the town is roughly orthogonal, although many streets deviate from the grid, resulting in somewhat irregular pattern, with many piazzas connected with narrow streets. Today, the entire city within the walls is pedestrian-only.

The town citadel is situated on the southern tip of the city. Originally known as Castle of St Mary, fortification was continually rebuilt and expanded through Middle Ages, reaching its final form during the Austro-Hungarian rule. The sea-facing 160m long ramparts of the citadel, complete with eastern and western towers, are intricately connected to the rest of the city walls. Austrian stone barracks form the most prominent structure within the castle, separating the citadel from the rest of the walled city. Ruins of the Santa Maria de Castello church, after which the entire complex was originally named, are located within the citadel.

Budva  old town


Mogren Beach, (near the old town citadel). crowded beach but nice water. Don’t stop at the first stretch of beach, now designated Mogren 1, necessarily, continue around the sunbathers to the far end and through the coves to Mogren 2. The music from Mogren 1 is ever so mute there. If you’re really adventurous continue around the perimeter of the small bay to what is referred to as shark’s rock, which daredevils jump off of. Be aware that due to the trees and nearby cliff the afternoon shade covers the far half of Mogren 2 earlier than the rest. 

Church of Saint JohnSeat of the Budva bishopric till 1828. In 1867 the belfry was added to the north side of the church and it still exists. Among preserved monuments the most important ones are the icon “Madonna in Punta” and the rich archives and library. Among its holdings is the Chronicle of Budva most comprehensive source of data and events in Budva between 1796 and 1842. Operating church.  

Church of Holy Trinitysingle nave construction with a dome. It was built in 1804 and modeled on one of two churches of the Podostrog monastery. In front of Church you can see tomb of famous writer and politician Stjepan Mitrov Ljubisa. Church is parish church and its operating

budva view


Near Budva is one of the most wonderful place -St Stephan , fortificate city known for high class places . Old city with the narrow streets look so magical and wonderful . We spend whole day wondering around St Stephan and enjoying in nice places with some nice people,

budva st stephan

Place to eat and go out in Budva

There is a wide choice of places to eat at in Budva. In old town you will find almost anything: from pizza-places, bakeries to seafood and Chinese restaurants. Across the harbor, at the very coast, there are some premium fresh seafood restaurants, notably “Jadran” and “Donna”.

Along the entire promenade there are many fast food places, offering barbecue, giros, pancakes, slices of pizza, icecream…with affordable prices. A McDonalds seasonal restaurant is open on the promenade during the summer.

We went to Hemingway restaurant was  near our hotel , nice food great atmosphere. And prices are ok. Budva is expensive place considering the Montenegro standard.

Four days past and we enjoy a lot but we need to go back to Skopje.But we promise that we come back again.