When you travel around Europe , capital of Belgium and of course capital of Europe Brussels is must see place. Brussels is Belgium’s capital and home to the headquarters of the European Union. The ornate Grand-Place at the heart of the city has shops and cafes inside 17th-century guildhouses, and the intricate Gothic Hôtel de Ville (town hall) with its distinctive bell tower. The 19th-century Maison du Roi houses the Musée de la Ville de Bruxelles history museum, including costumes for the city’s Manneken-Pis statue.

City is a connected with most of the world cities so make it easy to reach. Especially with the cheap flights . I arrive from Italy with Ryan air few months ago for 5 euro . It was 3 time for me to be in Brussels, kinda like this place , architecture that leave you without comment, cosmpolitan look of the cities when you see all this nations that live in this city. Brussels is not big at all around 200 000 people , public transport is very well organize so getting from one point to another is not a problem at all.

And all this plays out in a cityscape that swings from majestic to quirky to rundown and back again. Organic art-nouveau facades face off against 1960s concrete disgraces, and regal 19th-century mansions contrast with the brutal glass of the EU’s Gotham City. This whole maelstrom swirls out from Brussels’ medieval core, where the Grand Place is surely one of the world’s most beautiful squares.

One constant is the enviable quality of everyday life, with a café/bar scene that could keep you drunk for years. But Brussels doesn’t go out of its way to impress. The citizens’ humorous, deadpan outlook on life is often just as surreal as the canvases of one-time resident Magritte.

Prices are like in most of the Western Europe, Hostels goes from 15 euro to 30 euro , hotels goes from 55 euro up to 150 euro so depend what you looking for and there is a plenty of places that you can choose from. The weather is typical continental climate cold winters ( sometime minus something) and warm summer. I would recommend visit in period from April to June ,

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