Best Sunset in the World- Timelapse Videos inside

This is Top 7 best sunset timelapse videosĀ  that we come across on Youtube. Enjoy in our compilation

1.Gibraltar Timelapse video

Gibraltar is less known as a touristic destination but is attracting lot of people to visit this place because is the nearest and best way to cross by land literally from Europe to Africa. Also is magnificent place to enjoy in the sunset and this timelapse video show that beauty.

2.Madagascar timelapse video

One of the biggest and most beautiful islands in Africa, Madagascar offer fantastic diversity of wildlife , amazing beaches and outstanding sunsets. This video shows just glimpse from this beauty

3. Phillippines sunset timelapse video

Philippines and their million islands scattered throughout the Pacific are perfect for enjoying on the beach and waiting for that part of the day when we will enjoy in perfect sunset.

4.Timelapse video – New Zealand sunset

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in my personal opinion, Is so diverse and rich with nature that is almost impossible to not love it. Lovely coast and outstanding magical mountains and landscape make this country perfect for watching and enjoying in the sunset

5.Hawaii Timelapse sunset

No list can be complete without most beautiful island in the world- Hawaii. Whole island is so magical and amazing that make every day sunset perfect as could be. This video is just a small part of what Hawaii can offer for making a good sunset video and enjoying into the event.

6.Sunset timelapse video Montenegro

Montenegro is one of the less known travel destination. This mountainous country combine with a fantastic seacoast offer some of the memorable timelapse sunset you ever experience .

7.Kerala India timelapse video

Kerala is in my opinion one of the most beautiful states in India. Kerala beaches are unspoiled and so beautiful . ThisĀ  video shows most of that beauty