Beach reads – What and Do you read on Beach

Me and many other people love to read when they are on the Beach. Somehow beach reads relax us and make our time on beach more pleasant. I made a list of 7 suggestion beach reads  book to read while you on the beach. The book, and even the simple act of reading, sometimes seems under threat of extinction.

After a study in 2006 revealed that people “reading” text on the Internet only actually read about 20 percent of the content — (they skimmed the content in an F-shape, looking at the beginning of each line and then checking for important words) — it’s been yelled from the rooftops: Reading is over!

We’ve forgotten how to do it! Thats why beach reads  is important. Tablets are killing our ability to digest text! All books will soon be recycled into packaging for our new iWatches! But science remains resolute, pointing out the many different ways in which reading still influences our lives — and our brains. And there are many: from stress reduction to brain evolution to memory and empathy,  beach reads is a pretty powerful tool. Careful where you point that novel.

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Beach Reads suggestion  1 -Lawrence Osborne, Beautiful Animals

Sensuous and elegantly written, Osborne’s new novel revolves around Naomi, who has been coming to the Greek island of Hydra with her wealthy father since the days of Leonard Cohen, and Samantha, still in her teens. They drink in the local bars, where Naomi gives Sam a crash course in lesser-known Greek liquors, swim and sunbathe on remote beaches.

“What beautiful animals we are,” Samantha thinks, “beautiful as panthers.” During an excursion to the far side of the island, they discover a man washed up from the sea – a refugee named Faoud. As Naomi schemes to save him, and Sam grows sceptical, Osborne adds a family drama, a surprise character drawn from the past, and a chilling denouement. A masterful and sophisticated psychological thriller that explores moral ambiguity from multiple perspectives.

Beach reads suggestion 2-The Gypsy Moth Summer by Julia Fierro

Before Leslie Day Marshall moves back into Avalon Island’s largest house with her Black husband and biracial children, the topic transfixing the people of Avalon is that summer’s gypsy moth invasion. When Leslie moves back, gossip on that small island off Long Island flares in her direction.

As part of his getting settled in the neighborhood, Leslie’s son, Brooks, falls in love with Maddie, a local from the working class corner of Avalon. Maddie lives near the Grudder Aviation factory, headed by a man called the Colonel. When a number of grisly cancer cases start arising around the factory, could the Colonel be to blame?


Beach reads suggestion 3- The Dry, Jane Harper

In this debut crime novel, Luke, a married father of two, commits a horrific act in a small Australian farming community. When his estranged best friend, Aaron, returns to town for the first time in years to attend Luke’s funeral, more rumors and secrets begin to escape from their pasts. This novel adeptly follows two equally thrilling storylines, as Aaron tries to figure out what really happened to end Luke’s life, and the reader looks for answers to a mystery that has been following the pair since high school.

Beach reads suggestion 4- Perennials by Mandy Berman

Rachel and Fiona treasured their summers together as campers at Camp Marigold. Years later they’re reunited as counselors, but their relationship is more complicated. This highly anticipated coming-of-age novel . . . delivers the perfect sunny trifecta: summer camp drama, growing pains, and the enduring power of female friendships.”—Redbook At what point does childhood end and adulthood begin.

Beach reads suggestion 5-John Grisham – Camino Island

Fans of John Grisham’s bestselling novels may find his latest work a little different (softer, perhaps), but it’s still jam-packed with intrigue — in other words, maybe even better for a beach read. Mercer Mann, a young novelist, is offered a hefty reward for locating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s invaluable manuscripts that had just been stolen from a secure vault. Her search takes her to an island resort town in Florida, where she meets a local bookstore owner with a shady side hustle who may be involved in the literary heist.

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